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The Office of Military Affairs and Services

The office of Military Affairs and Services (OMAS) provides a comprehensive approach to facilitating continuing education opportunities to our nation’s active duty military and veterans focusing on the “whole person” concept. The three primary areas are comprised of:

  • Transition

    Helping the veteran with tangible support programs which provide logistical and financial support services and/or referrals to minimize stress. This can be accomplished by utilizing internal and external resources the university has established.


    Bridging the gap from active duty to civilian life by providing them a mentor/sponsor, who is a veteran and has successfully navigated the transition. Your mentor/sponsor will assist you in making the transition by acting as a liaison and providing “translation” so to speak from one culture to the other.

  • Saint Leo stresses the commitment of every student to their personal development and growth while at the university. I have grown in countless ways since coming here, including as a student, as a friend, as a colleague, and as a marketer. I have overcome weaknesses and built upon my strengths.

    Elizabeth Ottati | Marketing student

  • Academics

    Assistance in enrollment, certifications, tutoring, and disability services referral, etc. An existing student veteran (representative) who has experienced all of the proverbial “red tape” in regards to registering for, utilizing, and overcoming the expected obstacles or roadblocks in their educational pursuits can in turn become a mentor for newer veterans. It is this type of leadership that is familiar when coming from the military culture.

    Saint Leo University has a long and proud history of educating our nation’s men and women in uniform. Since 1973, we have been a leading institution of higher education for military members seeking both traditional and online programs to help them attain a college degree and find gainful employment following their military service.

    If you are connected to the military, we are proud to have you at Saint Leo University, and we appreciate your commitment and service to our nation. As a university, we understand that you have many choices when it comes to attending college during your active-duty service and post-discharge. We are pleased that you have chosen to make Saint Leo University a part of your life.

    We also understand that balancing college life, military, career, family and personal responsibilities can be extremely challenging; therefore, Saint Leo University would like to assist you in achieving your personal, educational and career goals. It’s a proud heritage in which we all share, as one university community, committed to continuing to serve those who currently serve or have previously served our nation.

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