Business occupations are expected to grow 5 percent by the year 2029, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a rate that is "faster than average." That makes business administration careers good options to consider. Additionally, median wage for this category of jobs is $69,820 per year—compared to $39,810 for all other occupations combined—with many of the managerial roles paying even more.

To qualify for many of these positions, you do need a bachelor's degree. But which roles are most worth pursuing after you've earned the education necessary? Here are six of the best business administration careers you may pursue with a bachelor's in business administration.

1. Business Analyst

When you look at a company, do you always try to figure out what it could do to create more effective or efficient processes? If so, a business analyst role would be a great way to use your bachelor's degree. This position requires doing a deep-dive into the way a company operates to identify problem areas and assess potential solutions. It also involves working with company stakeholders to decide upon and implement the actions necessary to improve the standing of a business.

2. Project Planner

Maybe you enjoy planning more than analyzing. In that case, project planner may be a more fulfilling way to use your bachelor's in business administration. In this role, you will perform actions such as estimating project costs, planning realistic schedules, and ensuring that the plan is followed. Project planners are also responsible for working with all of the people engaged in the project to ensure that it goes smoothly and any potential conflicts are instantly resolved.

3. Operations Manager

An operations manager is tasked with overseeing a company's production of goods and/or services. The goal in this position is to monitor productivity and efficiency, making any necessary changes to maximize either (or both) to improve the business's bottom line. This generally involves analyzing resource usage, inventory management, and operational logistics to identify bottlenecks or slowdowns. An operations manager is a good business administration career option for someone who understands basic company operations, from its finances and supply chain to manufacturing and distribution. Mean annual wage for this position is $157,430 per year.

4. Human Resource Manager

If you would rather oversee a company's employees than its methods of operations, becoming a human resource manager may be a better business administration career choice for you. With a median wage of $116,720 annually, this role involves helping companies create a plan that places employees in positions that maximize their strengths through its hiring and training processes. As human resource manager, you will also be tasked with overseeing the business's benefit programs and handling staff-related issues and disputes.

5. Sales Manager

Some people are natural sellers. If you fall into this category, you could use your bachelor's in business administration to work as a sales manager. Median pay for this role is $126,640 per year and involves performing such tasks as projecting sales, developing customer acquisition plans, setting sales quotes, assigning territories, and resolving customer's sales-related complaints. You may also be tasked with hiring and training new salespersons or working with current employees to boost their sales performance.

6. Entrepreneur/Small Business Owner

Do you want to be a business owner or have an idea for a product or service that the world needs to see? Earning your bachelor's in business administration provides you the education and skills necessary to build and grow your company. You learn about finance and operations, both of which are critical for ensuring that your business runs as efficiently and profitably as possible. This program also teaches you about effective marketing strategies and human resource management. Getting your degree also benefits entrepreneurs and small business owners by teaching you how to identify and solve any potential issues. This enables you to make better decisions for your company, both now and in the future.

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