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Master's Degree in Criminal Justice - Critical Incident Management

Why choose a Criminal Justice - Critical Incident Management?

Choosing a degree in Criminal Justice - Critical Incident Management at Saint Leo University offers students a unique and compelling educational experience. With a strong emphasis on preparing students for the dynamic and ever-evolving field of law enforcement, this program equips individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively manage critical incidents. Students delve into a comprehensive curriculum that covers areas such as emergency response strategies, crisis communication, risk assessment, and leadership in high-pressure situations. 

With experienced faculty members who bring real-world expertise to the classroom, students gain practical insights and invaluable industry connections. Moreover, Saint Leo University's commitment to personalized attention and a supportive learning environment ensures that students receive individualized guidance and mentorship throughout their academic journey. By choosing a degree in Criminal Justice - Critical Incident Management, students at Saint Leo University open doors to diverse career opportunities in law enforcement, emergency management, and security, where they can make a significant difference in ensuring public safety and safeguarding communities.

The course of study is designed to yield an understanding of how to manage critical incidents, psychological aspects of disasters for first responders, hazard mitigation, and risk identification.

Learning Experience:
Education Center Online
Est. Time to Complete:
2 years
Credit Hours:
36 hours
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