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Master's Degree in Business Administration - Cybersecurity Management

Why choose Saint Leo's MBA in Cybersecurity Management?

Managers who have knowledge in both the technical areas and management are needed to lead the technically qualified individuals who are in the forefront of the war against those who would prey upon us via electronic media. This is where the need arises for graduate information security management education. Information security management educates managers to locate the information resources and knowledge in a company and find ways to protect that knowledge as it is acquired, distributed, and stored.


The importance of information systems security and the need to protect the resources in a company's information system are the basis for the Master of Business Administration with a specialization in Cybersecurity management. This degree will ensure that graduates have sound technical skills and business knowledge.

Learning Experience:
Campus Education Center Online
Est. Time to Complete:
2 years
Credit Hours:
36 hours
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MBA in Cybersecurity Management Specialization Expected Outcomes

As a result of successfully completing the Cybersecurity Management Specialization, the graduate will be expected to:

Assess information security needs of an organization.
Develop a tactical and strategic information security plan.

Next Level Grad Award

At Saint Leo University, we believe that investing in our students is an investment in our community, so we are committed to helping qualifying students finance their education through the Next-Level Grad Award. This award offers substantial cost savings to our graduate students. 

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