You've got a lot going on – job, family responsibilities, not to mention staying on top of your schoolwork. Why not let technology make things a little easier?

There are hundreds of mobile apps online students can use to help with coursework -- apps for everything from preparing for class to organizing schedules and even minimizing distractions while studying.

We've narrowed down some that can help you keep up your productivity – both in and out of the classroom.

Get smart and be a productive student

  • Computer terminology (iOS – A Computer Dictionary, Android – Computer Terms): You'll be working on your computer a lot while taking courses online. These apps are handy if you come across a technical term that stumps you.

  • EasyBib (iOS, Android): Save tons of time developing your bibliographies for research papers. Just type in the name of your book; the app gives you several options to choose from and then creates your citation for you in APA, MLA, or any of 7,000 other styles. You can even take a photo of the book's barcode and it will generate your citation.

  • Evernote (iOS, Android, Windows) This go-to staple for online students enables you to take notes, make to-do lists, set reminders, attach files, create agendas and access everything through any device. Recent updates let you move back and forth between Google Drive and Evernote.

  • GoConqr (iOS, Android): GoConqr's study tools allow you to put together resources to suit your own learning style – Mind Maps, Flashcards, Quizzes, Slides and Notes – while also providing a library of existing resources.

  • Kindle (iOS, Android, Windows): Have access to thousands of books on the go with the Kindle app, which allows you to personalize the style of the book, get instant definitions and translations of words, and explore important terms.

  • Scientific Calculators (iOS – powerOne; AndroidRealCalc): These apps have standard scientific functions and operate like scientific and graphing calculators.

  • SmartNews (iOS, Android): Catch up on the latest news using this super-fast, super simple, award-winning app that lets you flip through multiple headlines at one time.

  • StudyBlue (iOS, Android): This crowdsourced learning platform offers learning tools such as flashcards and study guides from others or helps you can create on your own.

  • Vocabulary Builder (iOS, Android): This app is structured like a game. You'll expand your vocabulary as you beat increasing levels of difficulty.

Stay on top of things and organize your life

  • Dropbox (iOS, Android, Windows): If you don't have this workhorse app, it's time you did. Store your files on Dropbox so you can access them anywhere and share them without worrying about losing important notes or coursework.

  • Fast Scanner (iOS, Android): Turn your phone into a document scanner that allows you to save your files as PDF or JPEG files that can be easily printed or emailed.

  • Feedly (iOS, Android): Organize all your publications, blogs, YouTube channels and other content in one place. Feedly lets you read, organize, search, share and save information more efficiently.

  • Instapaper (iOS, Android): Save the great information you are researching on the internet in one spot, take notes and review your content anywhere.

  • Wi-Fi hotspot locator (iOS – Free WiFi Finder, Android – WiFi Finder): These apps can help you find a place to connect to the internet when you are away from home.

  • My Study Life (iOS, Android, Windows): Put all your academic life in one spot with this app that allows you to track tasks, store exams, get reminders and more.

  • Remember the Milk (iOS, Android): Organize all your daily to-dos, get reminders about what you need to do and share your tasks with others.

  • SelfControl (iOS) Self Control for Study (Android): These apps let you block access to websites and other online distractions for a set period of time so you can buckle down and study.

  • Slack (iOS, Android): Need to work on a group project with other students? Try Slack for real-time messaging instead of email. Share files instantly and easily, including online videos. It integrates with hundreds of apps and services including Dropbox.

Are there any other apps you find helpful and would recommend?

Image credit: Melpomene on Shutterstock