One of the most nerve-racking experiences for college students currently working toward the completion of their healthcare management degree is the job search process. As the job marketplace increasingly becomes more competitive, separating and standing out among others is vital to securing a job.

Every individual experiences those nerves throughout their career, but there are several tips available that could help healthcare management majors make their job search a little bit easier.

These tips for healthcare management majors will help alleviate some of those stressors that are associated with the job search process, making the entire process a little bit easier for finding the perfect job for you once you earn your healthcare management degree.

1. Set up and review your LinkedIn profile.

The first tip for healthcare management majors who are getting started in the job search process – or for those experienced professionals who already have their healthcare management degree – is to setup and review your LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn has quickly become a must-have for all professional job seekers. LinkedIn is a great platform on which to showcase your skills, receive skill endorsements, and connect with professionals who are seeking qualified healthcare management professionals for open positions.

Many currently working professionals or job seekers believe that the time they spend creating or reviewing their LinkedIn profile could be spent submitting applications. The problem with this thinking is that many individuals don't realize how vital LinkedIn is for seeking and securing new positions.

Healthcare recruiters, employers, and hiring managers are constantly using new tools and techniques to find qualified healthcare management professionals to fill vacant positions, which means that healthcare management majors and degree holders need to also use new tools and techniques to secure a job in the changing job marketplace.

LinkedIn is a great way for healthcare recruiters and hiring managers to locate new and experienced professionals and then reach out to them to establish a relationship, and vice versa.

This means that healthcare management majors can connect directly with employers and recruiters who are trying to find qualified candidates.

On your LinkedIn profile, the first thing you need to do is ensure that you have all your education, certifications, skills, and professional experience in the appropriate sections.

Essentially, you want to ensure that your LinkedIn profile accurately reflects your healthcare management experience and educational background so you can separate yourself from other candidates who don't have similar experience or education backgrounds.

In addition, highlight any state licenses or certifications you have obtained in the healthcare industry.

When you highlight these licenses and certifications, you do two things: 

a. Separate yourself and demonstrate that you are more qualified than other candidates who are applying for the same position, and

b. Highlight that you have a passion for management in the healthcare industry by obtaining additional certifications and licenses.

Another great tip to improve your job search as a healthcare management major is to begin reaching out to various employers, recruiters, or hiring managers associated with individual hospitals or healthcare facilities you wish to work in.

In this way, you can connect with healthcare professionals who might know of a new job opening, or they can connect you with someone who is in charge of handling the candidate selection process.

As one can see, LinkedIn is a useful tool for healthcare management majors to use when seeking new positions in the healthcare industry – and is vital in ensuring that your job search goes a little bit smoother.

2. Utilize niche sites within the healthcare field.

As healthcare and hospital recruitment budgets tighten up over the next several years, hospitals and healthcare facilities are increasingly switching to new methods to find and attract qualified job seekers to apply to open positions while saving money.

ZipRecruiter focus on providing the largest volume of candidates through the use of simple apply functions. This means that healthcare recruiters, employers, and hiring managers have to sort through hundreds of candidates before they can find qualified applicants.

This means that healthcare management majors are getting buried under the volume of spam applications on these sites and, therefore, are getting passed over.

One aspect of ensuring a successful job search is making sure that you stand out among those spam candidates. Increasingly, both healthcare professionals and healthcare employers are turning to niche healthcare sites like to find qualified candidates so that they can save both time and money for healthcare jobs and hospital jobs.

Healthcare niche sites attract only qualified candidates who are focused specifically on healthcare and hospital job postings. These sites reduce the number of unrelated or spam applications that are typically seen on some of the largest job sites mentioned above.

The great thing about these healthcare niche sites is that you can also narrow down the job search process to only showcase healthcare management positions. This means that you won't spend countless hours reviewing every job you apply to on larger job sites, thus ensuring that your job search is efficient and effective.

You can separate yourself from other candidates and make your job search a little bit easier using this tip.

3. Tailor your resume.

Another useful tip for your healthcare management job search is to tailor your resume specifically to healthcare and hospital-related positions. So many job seekers believe they will save time by making a one-stop shop resume for all of the jobs they apply to.

The problem with this is that when job seekers create a one-stop shop resume, they feature skills and experience that are not directly related to the healthcare industry or aren't specifically relevant to the job duties of the positions for which they apply.

This means that hospital and healthcare recruiters reviewing your resume will notice these irrelevant skills and fall under the assumption that you do not have relevant skills or experience that should be highlighted for the position.

Spending a few extra minutes to ensure that your resume is focused on healthcare management positions only takes a little bit of time and will ensure that your resume stands out among the other candidates who only use one resume for every position they apply to.


In today's competitive job marketplace, it is increasingly difficult to stay ahead of the competition and separate yourself from the volume of candidates that apply to large job sites. Utilizing the tips mentioned above will ensure that your healthcare management job search goes a little easier.

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