"Alexa, what's the weather today?"

"Alexa, play my favorite music."

"Alexa, tell me a joke."

Having Alexa is like having a little genie that is always at your beck and call. Actually, it's better than a genie because it requires less effort. Getting this electronic device to heed your every need is as simple as issuing a verbal Alexa command. You can't get a genie to do anything until you rub the magic lamp.

Plus, there are a few Alexa commands that are especially helpful for college students–commands that can make your life a little easier as you work toward the career of your dreams. What are these helpful, student-friendly Alexa commands?

Alexa Command #1 – "Alexa, play the book [book title]."

Many college courses have at least one book that you must read in order to pass the course. Instead of finding time in your already busy schedule to sit down and take in each word, this Alexa command enables you to listen to your required reading while walking to class, cleaning your apartment or dorm, or working out some of your academic aggressions at the gym.

Saint Leo University's online bookstore provides access to a variety of digital textbooks. Select the department, course, and section to discover whether this is an option for your individual classes. There are also a variety of online sites that sell audio textbooks for college students. You can expand your search there as well.

Alexa Command #2 – "Alexa, set a sleep timer for X minutes."

One NASA study found that taking a 40-minute nap can help improve your performance. In an academic setting, this can show up via better test scores, higher course grades, and an increased ability to learn the material that is not only required for class, but in the career of your choice.

If you've been hitting the books extra hard or are struggling to keep up with school, home, and work, this Alexa command can help you recharge your battery. Just make sure Alexa's volume is high enough to wake you when your nap time is over so you don't sleep past your set time.

Alexa Command #3 – "Alexa, order [specific product]."

Have you ever jumped on Amazon for just a few minutes to order something you need only to still be on the website half-an-hour later, adding even more items to your Wish List? Like Alice in Wonderland, it's easy to get sucked into Amazon's rabbit hole of products–time that could be better spent taking care of every other activity that is patiently waiting on your to-do list.

Avoid this situation entirely by having Alexa reorder your products for you. You do need to be a Prime member to enjoy this Alexa command and you can only order items listed in your order history or your cart. As long as you meet both of these requirements, you are good to go.

Alexa Command #4 – "Alexa, add [specific task] to my to-do list."

When you're in college, it's easy to be pulled in multiple directions at the same time. It can feel even more overwhelming if you also work and/or have a family to look after. This makes it incredibly easy to forget to do something, whether it is showing up to a pre-scheduled doctor's appointment or stopping at the grocery store on your way home from class.

Issue this Alexa command and you don't have to worry about missing anything you need to do. Alexa will even create a shopping list for you so you don't forget which items you need at the store. To access this list, simply open your Alexa app and it is right there.

Alexa Command #5 – "Alexa, define [word]."

You can use this Alexa command to help you with your college coursework. In addition to providing definitions, Alexa is also able to spell words, complete some math equations, convert metrics from one unit to another, and more.

This is especially helpful if you are an auditory learner, which means that you retain information better by hearing and listening. It's also beneficial if you're in the middle of your homework and don't want to stop to look up the additional information.

Bonus: Alexa Command #6 – Creating Your Own Alexa Command

Did you know that you can also create your own Alexa command? For example, if you are studying for an upcoming test, you can create a customized list of questions and answers, making Alexa the best study partner ever!

To create this type of Alexa command, you'll need to access Skill Blueprints. Once there, scroll down to the Learning & Knowledge section and choose "Flashcards" followed by "Make Your Own." Here you can create multiple flashcards centered around a specific topic.

Another way to customize this application is to use Alexa to count down to your next big test. This feature is also available under the Skill Blueprints by accessing "How Many Days." Again, choose "Make Your Own" and you're able to enter the name and date of your test, important project, school job fair, or any other event you want to be sure you remember.

This application offers a variety of options for college-level students, each designed to make your life just a bit easier. Play around with these Alexa commands and see what you can do. You may be surprised at how much it can help in your college studies.