Back to school can be a fun time for students, parents and all those working in our schools and universities. Have you ever thought about a career in education? Pre-school, elementary, secondary, post-secondary? Adult education? Besides the obvious teaching roles, there are many other positions available for those with a passion, or the skills, for a career in education. Have you considered the many administrative roles available at the school level? Counseling or advising? Human resources or training positions at the district office? How about tutoring or camps? In addition, you may have opportunity to be an educational consultant or work for a company creating curriculum or textbooks.

Remember, educational roles extend beyond schools and universities - to medical facilities, corporations, government agencies and non-profits requiring the skills those in education possess, such as speaking, presentation, interpersonal, and instructional skills.

Whether you're just beginning to build your career path, or looking for a new challenge after years of teaching experience, be sure to research all of your career options to find the best fit for you!

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