Career Outlook: Top 9 Careers with a Master's in Computer Science

Considering a master's in computer science from Saint Leo University? Check out nine top career tracks you can pursue with a graduate degree in this field.

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25 August 2021 - By Saint Leo University
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Job positions within computer and information technology are projected to increase 11 percent over the next several years according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), which means the addition of roughly 531,200 new openings.

If you have a master's degree, you are likely qualified to fill many of these available roles. But what can you do with a master's in computer science? Here are nine of the top career options.

1. Computer Systems Analyst

Individuals working in this role spend their days analyzing computer systems in an effort to identify where improvements can be made to boost the system's efficiency or increase its effectiveness. You can find computer systems analysts working in information technology firms, but some work directly with businesses and organizations, such as on a contractor basis. Median pay is $93,730 per year.

2. Information Security Analyst

As the title suggests, an information security analyst is tasked with ensuring that an organization's computer system and/or network are safe against hackers and cybersecurity attacks. This often involves doing penetration testing to determine where vulnerabilities exist and requires that you stay up-to-date on the latest online threats. Median pay in this role is $103,590 per year.

3. Database Administrator

You can also take your master's in computer science and work as a database administrator. This career path involves organizing an agency's data while implementing strategies for safe and effective storage. If the organization is changing computer systems, a database administrator may assist with this transition by ensuring that the two databases merge seamlessly. The median pay for this role is $98,860 per year.

4. Web Developer

Maybe you have a bit of a creative side while also having a compelling desire to help businesses and organizations bolster their online presence. You can satisfy both of these by working as a web developer. Individuals in these positions help build and maintain websites that perform the required functions while having an appealing layout and maximum functionality. Median pay in this role is $77,200 per year.

5. Software Developer

You can also utilize your computer-based creativity and innovation by pursuing a career in software development. Software developers spend their days designing computer programs and applications that meet the needs of their employer, client, or end-user. In some cases, this may involve designing new programs and applications; in other cases, they may be upgrades or advances to current software. Median pay in this role is $110,140 per year.

6. Computer Hardware Engineer

Many of the items we use every day rely on computers and often the internet to function efficiently. Smart home systems, vehicles that do air-based updates, and even some medical devices fall into this category. A computer hardware engineer designs, develops, and tests the hardware these types of items use. Median pay in this role is $119,560 per year.

7. Network and Computer Systems Manager

This masters-level computer science career involves ensuring that a business or organization's computer network continues to function day to day. Sometimes, this requires implementing system-based upgrades or repairs to keep it up and running. Other times, it involves adding new users, optimizing system performance, or improving system security. Median pay in this role is $84,810 per year.

8. Computer and Information Research Scientist

Every industry benefits from research, computer science included. If you choose to pursue this career track, you will spend your days conducting research in an attempt to discover and/or develop solutions to what are often complex computer-based issues. That makes this option good for people who like conducting experiments and analyzing their results. Median pay in this role is $126,830 per year.

9. Computer Network Architect

Rounding out this list of top careers with a master's in computer science is computer network architect. Just as a building architect plans and designs buildings, a computer network architect plans and designs computer networks—specifically, communication networks. These networks may be used for business-to-business communication or for organizations to communicate with their customers or clients. Median pay in this role is $116,780 per year.

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