Unlocking the Excitement in the Honors Program 

Entering the honors program at Saint Leo University is an exciting and rewarding journey. With a focus on interdisciplinary learning, the HON 160 – First Year Seminar I and HON 161 – First Year Seminar II courses offer students engaging topics that challenge them to think critically and broaden their understanding of their place in the world. As a first-year honors student, you can expect to explore a variety of themes, such as "Place" in HON 160 courses and "Society,” in HON 161 courses while developing essential academic skills. 

HON 160: America in the World - A Global Perspective 

During your first year in the program, one of the courses you might take is HON 160: America in the World. Under the guidance of Dr. Dan DuBois, Associate Professor of History & International Studies and Director of the Honors Program, you'll dive into the complex relationship between America and the rest of the world, exploring topics such as the role of global forces in shaping U.S. history and America's influence on major world events. As an honors student, you'll have the opportunity to discuss and debate current affairs from the lenses of history, politics, culture, and economics. 

HON 160: Wild Florida - Unveiling the Wonders of the Sunshine State 

The HON 160: Wild Florida course offers a comprehensive look at the unique wildlife, ecology, and culture in Florida. This course will also examine the state's significance in American consciousness and the challenges it faces due to climate change. Alongside these explorations, you'll hone your academic skills, including active reading, study techniques, organization, and time management. 

HON 161: Faith & Politics - Engaging in Essential Conversations 

Another compelling course option is HON 161: Faith & Politics, taught by Professors Steve Okey and Frank Orlando. This class will challenge your assumptions, encourage self-reflection, and provide a platform for essential conversations on religion and politics. Unlike many environments where these topics are considered impolite or inappropriate, this course encourages open discussion and critical thinking to help understand the society we live in better. 

Not only will you be encouraged to form intelligent and well-informed opinions, but you will also develop analytical, writing, and presentation skills through this unique Team-Teaching approach. Professors Okey and Orlando bring their expertise and teaching styles together, creating an educational experience that is both engaging and enriching for students. 

HON 161: Crime and Punishment - Exploring History and Morality 

For those interested in the history of crime and punishment, HON 161: Crime and Punishment is an interdisciplinary course that pulls from history, criminal justice, law, and sociology. Here, you'll delve into major themes in criminal and judicial history from the medieval period to the 20th century, exploring topics such as forensic science, capital punishment, and crime in the media. 

The Journey Begins with Saint Leo University 

As you embark on your first year in Saint Leo University's honors program, you can expect a well-rounded and thought-provoking educational experience. The interdisciplinary courses are designed to challenge and expand your understanding of the world, providing you with the foundation for intellectual growth and helping you develop necessary academic skills. Enjoy the exciting journey ahead and the engaging discussions that will shape your academic path at Saint Leo University!