Getting a bachelor’s in religion can help you better understand not just how certain sectors have changed and evolved over time, but it can also improve your understanding of how religious beliefs shape human life. This type of program also teaches how religion impacts politics, healthcare, and other areas not commonly associated with religious ideologies. But what can you do with a religion degree? Here are nine top careers to consider.

1. Chaplain

Everyone goes through difficult times. A chaplain helps people navigate through these difficulties, providing spiritual support and listening without judgment. Chaplains can be found in a variety of settings, some of which include hospitals, the military, schools, and prisons. Using your bachelor’s in religion to pursue a chaplain role enables you to comfort and support the people you’d like to help most.

2. Pastor or Priest

If you want to support and lead people within a specific religious denomination, you can do this as a pastor or priest. (The title can vary depending on the religion being practiced.) Individuals in these roles help their congregation in any number of ways, from leading weekly worship services to meeting one-on-one with members to offer more individualized support. Keep in mind you may need to complete some additional coursework at a seminary after completing a bachelor’s degree.

3. Missionary

Another way to use your bachelor’s in religion is to work as a missionary. A missionary is someone who goes into a specific area to educate people about their religion and/or to provide certain services, such as those related to promoting social justice or economic development. This career path is a good option for people who like to travel as it can take you to all corners of the world.

4. Youth director

What can you do with a religion degree if you want to work with kids and young adults? You can become a youth director. In this type of role, you would be responsible for planning and executing all youth-based activities for a church or religious program. You could also provide these services on behalf of a nonprofit or social service program.

5. Charity officer

If you have a specific charity that you feel incredibly passionate about, you can use your bachelor’s in religion to work as a charity officer. Charity officers can perform any number of duties, from fundraising to marketing to project management. You might also help recruit and train volunteers, teaching others how to better support that charity as well.

6. Volunteer coordinator

Several organizations rely on volunteers; some are even operated solely by people who are willing to donate their time. As a volunteer coordinator, you would be responsible for overseeing this group. This would include hiring them, teaching them how to do their “jobs,” and assigning them to different tasks. The volunteer coordinator role is a good way to use your bachelor’s in religion if you want to be in a leadership position, guiding people who are generous enough to donate their skills and services while expecting nothing in return.

7. Religious activities director

Just as the title suggests, a religious activities director is someone who directs or leads religious activities or programs. These activities are often designed to promote religious education. They can also be developed to build a sense of community within a specific religious group or to provide support and guidance for a church’s congregation.

8. Educator

Are you a teacher at heart? If so, you can use your bachelor’s in religion to become an educator. A religious educator develops and teaches educational courses based on either a specific religion or religion as a whole. In the role of educator, you would be responsible for creating lesson plans, then delivering them. When educating a group, you’d also likely be tasked with moderating any discussion amongst the students.

9. Campus minister

If you like the college setting, becoming a campus minister enables you to use your bachelor’s in religion in this type of environment. A campus minister helps college-level students explore their faith. Someone in this role also provides spiritual guidance to students who are either struggling or simply want to develop or enhance their spiritual side.

Start Working Toward Your Bachelor’s in Religion

Are you ready to get your bachelor’s in religion? If your answer is yes, Saint Leo University offers a Bachelor of Arts in religion degree program. And you have many options for how you earn this degree as this program can be taken on campusonline, or at three of our Education Centers:

Saint Leo is proud to be Florida’s oldest Catholic college, but we welcome all students—regardless of their faith background. If you have a desire to get a bachelor’s in religion in order to pursue one of these top career choices, we are here to help you do it.