As a college student with a hectic lifestyle, taking care of yourself is very important. Keeping up with healthy habits helps prevent stress in the long run. Below are some simple healthy habits that can be useful in your college journey.

1. Take time out for yourself (spending time alone).

Spend time alone. I know…it's college. You have your own freedom to do whatever you want. There are so many people to hang out with and activities to do. College is known as a time to make new friends & to network. Just keep in mind you have your own individual life as well. Being around people ALL the time leaves no space for yourself. It can be draining and sometimes overwhelming. That's why spending time alone is so important when you need it. Invest in your own stability and make yourself your number-one priority. Never forget to applaud and acknowledge yourself with all the hard work you do. Personal mental health is key.

2. Stay organized (keep up with yourself).

Keep up with yourself. With many distractions on campus, it can be very easy to slip up with your priorities. Whether it's school work, managing money, time management, going to work on time, or finding a job, it can be easily disregarded, but remember why you are at Saint Leo University. You're here to invest in your own future. Don't ever lose sight of that. Get a planner, make reminders on your phone, take trips to the library, and make time with your professors. The time spent here in college is made for you to better yourself. Don't lose yourself. Always put your full effort into everything you do.

3. Be in your nature (Mother Nature).

Don't be afraid to go outside. It's a part of you. Going outside barefoot is the most wholesome thing, feeling your toes twinkle in the souls of the earth, while the sun kisses your skin. Release your inner-child and get off your phone. Not everything needs to be posted or “snapped.” Live in the real world. Everything you see online is not always what it seems, so create your own reality. Also, being in classrooms and your dorm room all the time can get old. Go outside and be free.

4. Eat the right foods.

You are what you eat. I know all those quick foods in the cafeteria look great and comforting, but be mindful of what you eat. Constantly eating fatty foods negatively influences your brain cells, making them change the way they use your body’s energy. When going to the cafeteria, learn to manage your eating habits. Try concerning your well-being when choosing food and understand that what you consume can affect your mood and learning ability. This would also be a great opportunity to practice a healthy eating style by choosing an eating schedule and meal plan that benefits your physical health, along with your emotional and mental well-being.

5. Step outside of your comfort zone and aim for the stars.

Step out of your comfort zone by allowing yourself to explore to find your true self, enabling you to discover who you are as a person and what you may like or may not like. Doing this can give you a self-actualization of who you are and your own personal morals. When stepping out of your comfort zone, remember to stay safe and respectful to keep your exploring safe and enjoyable for yourself and others. Do things you're scared of doing. Life is all about constant learning. If you stay stagnant, you might be missing out on opportunities to advance.

6. Keep a great space around you (downers will bring you down).

Try surrounding yourself with things and people that bring the best out of you, support your goals and good intentions, and just work on your overall development. Surrounding yourself with good things and good people helps keep you focused and on track of your goals. Remember to appreciate and acknowledge the good things that you get from these people and things that benefit you.

7. Ease your mind. (don't carry baggage).

Remember that you are doing a good job even when it does not feel like it. In college, we tend to feel like we're not doing enough or will be good enough for a particular thing, but we must remember that we are doing what we have to do for the benefit of our well-being and success. It may not feel like it most times, but remember it's okay to take a break when you're on this journey. Try to release baggage or any form of stress that could weigh on you and distract you. In this time in your life, you should try to release unnecessary worry and baggage to keep yourself stable for the sake of yourself and your goals. One way you can do this is taking personal time for yourself to understand what you need to let go and how to let go of it. Remember progress is linear, but you're still progressing forward.


Maya Walker

Author bio: This blog article was authored by Maya Walker, a current Saint Leo University student and marketing intern majoring in digital communication. She describes herself as “a creative director in the making.” A fun fact is that her comfort show is Adventure Time on Cartoon Network.