Visit your local college and you can see what type of students enroll in traditional campus-based degree programs.

The majority are probably teens and young adults right out of high school. Perhaps they are living at home with their parents. Their work experience probably consists of a part-time or summer job.

If you're considering an online program, you may be wondering if you have anything in common with other online students? Will you would fit in?

For starters, if you tried college before and, for whatever reason, weren't been able to complete your degree, you'd be in the majority of online learners. Eighty percent of students who enroll in online programs bring transfer credits with them.

In addition, if you're working, you would also have plenty of company.

Eighty percent of online students are employed. That's why 68 percent of students enrolled in online programs have chosen online learning because it gives them the ability to balance work, family and school responsibilities more easily than campus-based learning.

And the best part about online learning is that if you choose to study online with a university such as Saint Leo, your degree is exactly the same as if you took your courses inside a classroom on campus. There is no difference between a degree earned online and a degree earned on campus.

Take a look at some of the other facts below and share your thoughts in the comments. Do you think you'd fit in?

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