A new podcast series offered through Saint Leo University's Donald R. Tapia School of Business, "Dr. Bingo Fairmont's Management Minute," is named after a professor you won't find on the university's list of faculty.

In fact, you won't hear him on a single podcast either.

That's because Dr. Bingo Fairmont is always otherwise engaged – playing squash, running marathons, fishing – activities that coincidentally conflict with the recording of each episode of the series bearing his name.

No worries, though. Saint Leo business management professors Drs. Russell Clayton and Adam Shoemaker are expert substitutes for their absent colleague.

Launched as a way for the professors to share their expertise on management issues with a wider audience, Drs. Clayton and Shoemaker say the podcast series enables them to take an entertaining approach to the discussion of relevant business issues.

During each 10-12 minute episode, they share current studies, emerging research, timely articles and their personal perspectives on topics ranging from mandatory vacation to employee wellness programs.

Making relevant business topics enjoyable

An assistant professor of management at Saint Leo, Dr. Clayton teaches and conducts research in a variety of management areas, particularly work-life balance. Often sought by the media as an expert on the topic and quoted in popular outlets including NBC News, USA Today and the Huffington Post, Dr. Clayton has also published work in the Harvard Business Review and other high-quality academic journals.

An associate professor of management, Dr. Shoemaker's research interests are similar: work-life balance, employee assessment and training efficacy. He spent 15 years in the corporate world working as an internal and external consultant in the human resource and organizational development departments of large companies.

"Shoe is the expert on all things HR-related. I am the expert in work-life balance," says Dr. Clayton. "However, the podcast will not always revolve around those topics. I feel like our expertise is predicated simply on us staying abreast of the trends in business – in particular, the soft side of business."

So how does Dr. Fairmont fit in?

"Shoe and thought that it would be fun if a guy hosted the podcast but never showed up to actually record his parts so we would always be the fill-in guests on his behalf," says Dr. Clayton.

For each episode, the professors devise a different excuse for Dr. Fairmont's absence. They then conclude each show by summarizing what they think Dr. Fairmont would want the listeners to understand most about the topic.

But will Dr. Fairmont ever make an appearance?

Listeners will just have to follow the series to find out.

Current episodes

Here's a summary of some of the current episodes. The podcasts are available on SoundCloud and on iTunes.

Mandatory Vacation

With employees shunning vacation time in an effort to keep their jobs and advance their careers, should managers require team members get away from the office? Drs. Clayton and Shoemaker discuss the benefits of disconnecting from work for both the individual and the organization.


In this podcast, Drs. Clayton and Shoemaker delve into the topic of college internships and whether companies should pay interns. They explain some of the federal guidelines regulating internships and offer their take on what organizations can do so that both student and company benefit.

Unlimited Vacation

Unlimited vacation policies are on the rise in corporate America, but in what contexts are they effective? Is unlimited vacation a good idea or is it abused? Drs. Clayton and Shoemaker discuss recent studies that indicate how employees use the benefit and the real value it brings to organizations.

Workplace Wellness Programs

From Fitbit challenges to subsidized gym memberships, company wellness programs are everywhere. But do they really change health behaviors and impact the company's bottom line? Drs. Clayton and Shoe discuss current research and suggestions for making them work.

Overtime Laws

Drs. Clayton and Shoe discuss Department of Labor changes to the Fair Labor Standards Act that impact overtime rules. What does the reframing of the law mean to employers and employees? What can organizations do to prepare?

Personality Tests

While personality certainly plays a role in job success, should personality tests be used in business? In this episode, Drs. Clayton and Shoemaker explain the pros and cons of common tests such as the Myers Briggs Type Indicator and why hiring, firing and promotion decisions should not be based solely on these assessments.

H-1B Visas

What is are H-1B visas and how can the benefit large and small organizations? Is the system working or does it need reform?

Interviewing Prospective Employees (Successfully)

In this episode, Drs. Clayton and Shoemaker discuss the interview process, including three questions that should be used when interviewing all prospective employees and three that should be retired.

What topics would you like to hear discussed on Dr. Bingo Fairmont's Management Minute Podcast? Drs. Clayton and Shoemaker welcome suggestions for future topics. Email them at russell.clayton@saintleo.edu or jonathan.shoemaker@saintleo.edu.

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Image credits: Russell Clayton