Between balancing work, life, family and your studies, we know your time is valuable! That's why we want you to get as much as you can from our online association meetings. Whether you're a current member or not, tell us what would help you with your studies, career or just life in general?

Our goal is to support you and pose the online associations as a viable resource for you to succeed in the classroom. For example:

  • Would you benefit from a review of APA formatting and other general academic topics?

  • Resources and tools we offer?

  • Are you consistently submitting assignments at the deadline and could use assistance with time management?

  • Would you like to discuss current events related to your area of study?

  • Career expectations and industry trends?

  • All of the above!

Please submit your requests or discussion suggestions via email to the Student Services Department

The Center for Online Learning currently offers nine online clubs or associations. Are you taking advantage of this great opportunity to enhance your skills and classwork? If you are interested in joining an online club or association, please fill out a membership application form. You will then begin to receive official association emails that will update you with news, events and the upcoming meeting information.