Saint Leo students can learn from experts about counterterrorism tactics and measures during an eight-day course in Israel.

This spring, students in any of Saint Leo University's on-ground or online criminal justice degree programs have the opportunity to participate in a unique, advanced homeland security course being held in Israel.

The intensive, eight-day course – Terrorism in Israel – will focus on critical issues regarding terrorism philosophy, tactics, methodology, and the ancient origins of this global threat. It will take place May 16-24.

While visiting Haifa, the Gaza Strip, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Masada, the Dead Sea, and Israel's northern border, students will learn about counterterrorism tactics and measures from the world's foremost authorities on the subject: the Israeli Defense Forces (I.D.F.), the Israeli National Police, the Massad, and Israeli Special Forces.

Classroom in Israel

"This course is the experience of a lifetime and is not offered by any other college or university," says Robert Sullivan, Saint Leo criminal justice instructor.

"Israel is surrounded by militant-harboring countries, and those terrorists regularly plot and launch attacks across their borders. Despite this, Israel is one of the safest countries to visit in the world," says Sullivan.

"The Israelis have decades of experience in protecting their citizens, and what they have learned is clearly worth knowing. Their top security advisors are gracious and honored to share their expertise."

Itinerary highlights include school security

This is the fifth time that Saint Leo University is offering the course, which covers five critical areas:

  • Public safety at large-scale events such as shopping and retail establishments

  • Transportation including public transportation and hubs such as ports, airports, train and bus stations

  • Critical infrastructure

  • Schools

  • Government buildings

This year's program will include a special session on school security with the Ministry of Education, who will explain Israel's policy that has dramatically reduced the incidence of terrorist activities. 

Site visits during the program include:

  • Israel's northern border: to learn about the modus operandi of groups such as Hezbollah from the I.D.F.

  • Ma'alot: where barbaric Islamic terrorists killed school children – a tragedy that gave birth to Israel's counter-terror units and a new approach to dealing with terrorist.

  • Nahariya Hospital:  to learn how they respond to terror incidents and mass casualty events.

  • The Homeland Security Simulator: one of the world's most-advanced scenario builders for responding to terror, crime, and natural disasters.

Course recommended for critical incident management, criminal justice students

Sullivan recommends the program for graduate students in Saint Leo's on-ground or online Critical Incident Management degree program or Criminal Justice-Critical Incident Management specialization; graduate or undergraduate criminal justice students; or any other Saint Leo University students who would like to broaden their knowledge of the Holy Land and Middle East.

Open to any student for an elective, Sullivan says, the course is a "wonderful opportunity" for students who are majoring or interested in sociology, political science, history, psychology, or religion.

The course is available for certificate, graduate or undergraduate credit.

Fee, Registration, and Tuition

The $2,790 fee per student includes all in country transportation and tours, hotel accommodations, meals, lectures, and security costs. Students are responsible for paying the Summer 2014 tuition rates for 3-credit hours ($1,266 for graduate students; $738 for undergraduate students). Students are also responsible for travel costs to and from Tel Aviv, Israel.

Payment is due 60 days prior to departure: March 17, 2014.

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Upcoming Informational Session at University Campus

An informational session will be held on University Campus on Wednesday, Feb. 26, at 7:00 p.m. Crawford Hall, Room 1. 

"We will explain the entire itinerary, review important registration information, and share awesome experiences from prior trips to this fascinating country," says Sullivan. "Of course, there will also be unlimited Q & A so that all of your concerns may be addressed. While it is not required to attend this session, it is an opportunity for Saint Leo students who live near University Campus to get more information."

Please let us know if you can attend: or

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