"Movies will make you famous, television will make you rich, but theatre will make you good." These words by famous director Terrence Mann highlight the true value of majoring in theatre. So, if you've decided that theatre is where you want to be, there are a few apps that can help make your desired role easier as well as more enjoyable. With that in mind, here are a few of the best apps for theatre majors.

1. QLab

If you're looking for an application that helps control sound, one that runs video, and another that handles the lighting, you can save some storage space on your device with QLab because it does all three. (Not to mention that you only have to work with one system.)

QLab is designed to be used during live performances, so you decide what sound, video, and lighting you want at every stage and, on show day, simply press "GO." Not to worry, though; you still retain control and can react to the stage and audience during live events by holding scenes longer or triggering a quicker transition. That makes this one of the best apps for theatre professionals in a variety of positions.

QLab is free to download with the option to upgrade to pro features by either buying these features outright or renting them for a specific period of time. Though QLab is designed for computer access, you can download QLab Remote to create or tweak your show from a mobile device. The one downside is that QLab is only made for use with Apple products (iOS).

2. Go Button

If you are only responsible for a show's sounds and you do have an iOS operating system, the company that made QLab also offers Go Button. This app enables users to set up the music and sound effects for upcoming shows. Like with QLab, you can get everything ready for show day, providing a seamless performance when you are live because all of the sounds are in place for delivery at the right times.

Because it is sound-focused, this is one of the best apps for theatre students who want to specialize in sound. It is also one of the best apps for theatre sound designers already in the field. Go Button is free to download with some upgrades available at a cost.

3. VirtualCallboard

The audience only sees what happens on the stage, but theatre professionals know that the makings of a good show begin behind the scenes. This is where VirtualCallboard is handy because this app helps you handle announcements, send emails, post in discussion forums, and more.

You can also use VirtualCallboard for organizing and tracking production schedules, ensuring that everything is on track. It can even be used to monitor attendance at some or all of your calls. There's no more chasing everyone to find out how many hours they had at the end of each week. This type of information can all be put in this system, making it one of the best apps for theatre directors.

You can download VirtualCallboard for free and use it for 30 days to see whether it's the right app for you. Should you decide to keep it, the amount you pay is based on how many productions you want it to support. One option does allow unlimited production capabilities, making it beneficial for theatre directors planning to use it long term or those who are responsible for a number of shows.

4. The Virtual Theatre

Sometimes it can be difficult to know how an idea in your head will play out on stage. What happens if you put a chair here or if you have a certain light shine there? The Virtual Theatre solves this problem by enabling users to create 3D sets, making their visions more of a reality.

With The Virtual Theatre, you can play around with the stage to see what set design may work best. It forces you to think about where each prop will be placed for the most visual appeal. It also makes you think about lighting and how it can be used during certain scenes for a more dramatic effect.

Technically, The Virtual Theatre isn't an app, but you can still use it on any mobile device as long as you have a mouse and keyboard, making it compatible with some tablets. Also, it was created for those in a teaching position with pay-per-month rates based on how many students will have access.

That makes this one of the best apps for theatre professionals who are tasked with teaching the next generation of stage designers. And if you are a theatre student who could benefit from this app, talk to your instructor. They may decide that it would also be beneficial for the entire class.

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