I work with many students each day in job search endeavors, and often find it difficult to accurately describe to them what is happening in our current workforce. There is much frustration, perhaps aggravated by a contemporary mindset of instant response and gratification. The fact is, there are no rules or procedures to go by. No right steps to follow. No clear sense in any of it. A job search can very easily become personal to those who are not seeing the big picture, who are not encountering the many I see with the same struggles, and who don't realize they really are great candidates. They just have to be willing to ride the crazy job search ride.

Here is a wonderful reference:

"(We) are dealing with a chaotic job market in which information on job vacancies and employers is difficult to access, the rules for finding jobs are inconsistent, and the screening process seems unpredictable and unfair. Rational planning applied to a chaotic environment beyond your control can lead to numerous rejections, disappointments, and frustrations. As you attempt to accomplish a mission in such an uncertain environment, you will discover the wonderful world of serendipity – chance occurrences that may unexpectedly lead to the right job for you. Always keep your mind and eyes open for serendipity. It's what makes the chaos tolerable, forgiving, and unexpectedly rewarding."

(Savino/Krannich, Transition Guide 2013/2014)

In terms of supply and demand, employers have the upper hand right now; but there are jobs to be had, even in this economy. You do however need to network, advertise yourself in many forms, become the candidate your target company is looking for, and above all else, persevere. It's not personal, so don't take it to heart; and most certainly, don't give up. I am here to encourage you in your efforts, and also remind you that you are not alone in your job search. You have your career advisor as your partner on this wild ride!

Warm regards,

Saint Leo Nancy