As of the third quarter of 2018, Statista reports that there were 2 million apps available in the Apple App Store and 2.1 million apps users could download via Google Play – the two largest mobile app suppliers. Other app download platforms such as the Windows Store, the Amazon Appstore, and BlackBerry World offer another 1.3 million mobile apps collectively.

Although some of these apps are intended to help users improve their lives by giving them the tools they need to reduce their weight, improve productivity, and lower stress levels, or exist as fun games designed simply to entertain, there are also a number of mobile apps that are beneficial to individuals in certain career fields or tracks.

So, if you're looking for apps for criminal justice majors and are seeking some handy tools that can help you be and do your best, what are some mobile apps that can help you achieve this goal? Below are a few to consider downloading to your smartphone.

Red Cross First Aid App (Free; iOS and Android)

Regardless of the role you want to fill in the criminal justice field, it wouldn't be uncommon to have to deal with medical emergencies that require either first aid or CPR. Although you'll likely undergo extensive training in both, this app serves as a great reminder of what you should do for these types of injuries or situations and more. That makes it beneficial both in the field, as well as at home.

Miranda Warnings/Rights (Free; Android only)

The law requires law enforcement officers to read Miranda Warnings—which is essentially a statement of rights (the right to remain silent, the right to an attorney, etc.)—to crime suspects when they are in custody and about to be interrogated about a particular crime or set of crimes. If you don't remember exactly what those warnings are, this app can help. It also provides these warnings in Spanish, which is helpful if this is your suspect's native language.

Police Spanish (Free; iOS and Android)

Speaking of Spanish, if you need to communicate with suspects, victims, or witnesses to a crime and they don't speak English and you don't speak Spanish, it's pretty difficult to collect all of the facts in an efficient manner. In cases such as these, the Police Spanish app can be a beneficial tool. All you have to do is click on the "yes" or "no" question you want to ask and it will do an audio translation for you. It even offers flash cards if you want to brush up on Spanish yourself.

Police Field Interview FI Card ($7.99; Android only)

Interviews are a critical part of many criminal justice roles. However, the recordkeeping of the information obtained during these interviews is even more important, which is where the Police Field Interview FI Card app comes into play. With this app, you can record information for everyone you speak with while on the job, noting what they look like, what gangs they're affiliated with, what vehicles they drive, and more. It even enables you to take pictures of the person or evidence to store for later use.

Shooter ($9.99; iOS and Android)

Whether your goal is to learn more about how certain variables will affect your own shooting patterns or you'd like to use this type of information to better understand what happened at a particular crime scene, Shooter assists with both. This mobile app offers the ability to calculate trajectory, wind impact, lead, velocity, energy, and time of flight for over 1,300 bullets. Just input the information you have and it will give you the rest.

US Cop ($3.99; Android only)

When you're out in the field, you don't always have access to the information you need. For instance, if you find pills on a suspect, it can be difficult to know what they are. Or if you're doing an accident investigation, you may not be able to recall all of the formulas that can help you decipher what happened and in what order. Yet, by downloading US Cop, you'll have all of this data right at your fingertips. This app also includes access to a variety of training articles, keeping you updated in your field.

Cargo Decoder (Free; iOS and Android)

Depending on your position in the criminal justice field, you may be the first one on the scene of a traffic accident or be required to provide traffic-related enforcement in your jurisdiction. If a truck that is hauling material is involved, both of these actions instantly become more complex. Not anymore because the Cargo Decoder app enables you to learn more about what that rig is hauling based on its DOT (Department of Transportation) placard number. This enables you to ensure that your scene is safe to you and all of those around you according to whatever materials are in the back of that truck.

FlashFace ($3.49; Android only)

Part of solving crimes is figuring out who did them. Though this is relatively easy when the victim knows the suspect, it's not quite so simple when this is the first time the two have ever been face-to-face. In those cases, a police sketch artist is often brought in to create an image of the offender that can be shared with other law enforcement personnel and/or the media. The FlashFace app is a great tool to begin this sketching process. With it, you can test your hand at creating images that are quality representations of the person being described. It also allows you to move and scale all facial elements in order to develop the highest quality profile.

These are some of the top apps for criminal justice majors that are actually used by professionals in the criminal justice field. In addition to your regular textbooks and course materials, downloading these apps will provide you with a world of information (and the tools you need to apply it) with you at all times. You'll also get a jump-start on what it's like to be working in this critical space.