A Master of Business Administration (MBA) is just one of the many degrees that students can earn at Saint Leo University. But we also realize that, in order to succeed, you not only need the knowledge and skills obtained in the classroom. You also need a variety of tools that can assist you as you begin to apply what you've learned in your career.

In today's day and age, many of these tools come in the form of mobile apps. So, what are the top mobile apps for MBA majors? Here are 11 that you might just find yourself wanting to download on your iPhone X or Google Pixel before you even finish reading this article.

1. NetSuite

If you're looking for a business app that does it all, look no more because NetSuite delivers. Designed for small businesses, large businesses, and every size in between, this app helps you create scalable business models, manage workforces and customer bases, and improve your company's selling potential – all from one app.

2. Expensify

Part of being successful in business involves knowing where you're spending your money, which is where Expensify helps. Not only can you keep track of all of your receipts right from the convenience of your own phone, but it also puts them in an easy-to-use report that can be utilized for reimbursement or tax purposes. No more losing your work receipts…and the money you're due because of them.

3. Marketing 360

The Marketing 360 app is especially helpful for MBA majors who specialize in marketing, though its features can apply to anyone in business interested in generating more sales. How? By helping you run effective ads on top social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Its software also helps you create advertising campaigns directed toward top search sites like Google and Bing, giving you even more exposure.

4. HubSpot

Another all-in-one app that appeals to many MBA majors is HubSpot. With it, you can track your sales funnel, keep your schedule, and monitor your performance – all in one spot. This app also logs customer interactions across a variety of mediums so you always know where you—and they—stand.

5. SysAid

If your business passion revolves around information technology (IT), you can have a lot of fun with SysAid. This app is a help desk, service desk, and IT asset management tool all rolled into one. Offering features like secure remote access and algorithms that pair users with the electronic devices they use most, SysAid helps make IT-related problem solving a more painless process.

6. Asana

Although Project Management is just one of the many MBA specializations offered at Saint Leo University, project management apps can help in all areas of business, and Asana is one that many rely on day after day to track projects from beginning to end. It also keeps a calendar so you never miss a deadline, enabling you to assign tasks to different members of the team so everyone knows what he or she is responsible for completing.

7. Airtable

Another project management app that some business majors are falling in love with is Airtable. One reason is that it can be used for both personal and professional purposes. This enables you to keep your social schedule and tasks right next to your work duties and obligations, reducing the likelihood that you'll ever find yourself double-booked.

8. Freshbooks

No list of mobile apps for MBA majors would be complete without Freshbooks, which is software designed to help businesses create professional invoices and get paid for services rendered. Business majors specializing in Accounting will likely appreciate it most, but anyone concerned about keeping track of payments and time rendered can certainly enjoy the features of Freshbooks.

9. BambooHR

If you have a Human Resource (HR) Management specialization, then you're going to really like BambooHR because it does a little bit of everything. From tracking job applicants to maintaining regulatorily-compliant employee records to keeping an up-to-date schedule, BambooHR covers all of these tasks and more. It can even help with employee performance reviews if you get the add-on.

10. Namely

Namely is another HR type of app that helps businesses keep a closer eye on issues related to payroll, scheduling, hiring, and training new staff. It also offers features that help simplify benefits and clarify the company's organizational chart while also providing a social news feed so that you're always in the know about what is going on with your company.

11. Selligent

Growing a business requires that you build strong relationships with the customers you serve. That's where Selligent comes in. As a business-to-consumer marketing automation platform, Selligent engages with prospective clients and works to convert them into lifelong customers, which is exactly what a business needs to succeed over the long haul.

While this list of mobile apps for MBA majors is in no way complete, these 11 are a great place to start. Download one or download them all. Either way, these types of tools can make it easier to apply your MBA skills, knowledge, and expertise in most any type of business setting.

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