Now is a great time to dive into the world of multimedia management as Research and Markets reports that the global digital asset management market is anticipated to increase from $1.24 billion in 2018 to approximately $6.9 billion by the year 2024.

This represents a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 34.1 percent which, for comparison purposes, is triple the CAGR for the human resources management market at 11 percent, and more than double the education technology industry, which is anticipated to increase 15.4 percent.

But what can you do with a multimedia management degree? Here are twelve of the top career options currently out there.

1. Multimedia production coordinator

Multimedia production coordinators oversee both audio and video media creations. Therefore, individuals in this position might work for radio, television, or online venues. General duties include leading the team in project development, managing timelines to ensure projects stay on schedule, and working with contractors, such as those providing the venue or the equipment.

2. Production manager

A production manager handles more of the business-related functions associated with both film and television production. For instance, in this role, you would be responsible for ensuring the budget is followed. It is also up to you to hire contractors you need to do the shoots—negotiating costs and booking equipment or location if necessary—and ensuring that all health and safety rules and regulations are followed on set.

3. Senior Web Producer

If you like the idea of selecting topics, auditioning cast, and approving the final design of a production, becoming a senior web producer is a good way to put your multimedia management degree to use. In this role, you would be responsible for these types of duties, as well as overseeing other areas of production, such as lighting, special effects, music, and choreography.

4. Video Journalist

Maybe you have more of a journalistic bug. In that case, video journalism is an option to consider. As a video journalist, you would spend your days holding interviews, investigating stories, and creating newscasts for others to view on television or online. Depending on who you work for, you may also be responsible for operating your own camera, writing your own scripts, and finding your own sources.

5. Digital Reporter

In December of 2018, Pew Research Center revealed that more Americans get their news on the Internet than from print newspapers. This makes digital reporter a great career for multimedia management degree graduates who are interested in tracking down stories and sharing them online via Internet-based websites or social media platforms.

6. Technical Writer

If you've ever read an instruction manual or a research-based journal article, you've already witnessed firsthand the work of a technical writer. Individuals choosing this career path are tasked with taking what is typically very complex information and ideas and writing it in a way that makes it easier to understand.

7. Multimedia Writer

Another option is to take your multimedia management degree and become a multimedia writer. In this role, you're able to combine your creative side with your interest in technology to write and edit content used by computers, in gaming systems, for educational programs, and more. Animation is an additional area you can get into as a multimedia writer.

8. Content Supervisor

Most every business that publishes content operates off an editorial calendar. As a content supervisor, you would be responsible for keeping track of this calendar, which involves deciding what topics will be published when. Content supervisors also ensure that all writers, graphic designers, and others are on schedule and on task.

9. Senior Reporter/Blogger

Does the idea of attending news conferences and reporting their findings sound exciting to you? What about conducting interviews in an effort to collect the facts about breaking news stories or public interest pieces? If so, becoming a senior reporter or blogger may be the perfect career for you. In this role, it also isn't uncommon to help newer reporters and bloggers better hone their crafts.

10. News Designer

When reporting the news, someone has to decide the order in which stories will be shared and, if they're being published in print, the layout of the page. This is the job of a news designer, and it is an option that is available to those with a multimedia management degree who are interested in working within the more visual side of the news.

11. Marketing Manager

Many companies rely on marketers to help them get the word out about their brand and its products and services. In the role of marketing manager, you are tasked with making sure all of the marketing staff is on the same page and all marketing avenues are being handled in a way that best promotes the company to its current and future customer base.

12. Public Relations Manager

If you're trying to make a name for yourself—either as an individual or a company—reputation is everything. That's why it's not uncommon for up-and-coming professionals and businesses to hire public relations managers to ensure they get a good amount of positive press and, in turn, that negative press is kept to a minimum. Managers in this role are also often responsible for hiring copywriters, graphic designers, and any other service professional who can help the client rise to the top.

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