Nurturing the Future of Healthcare: The Nursing Housing Award 

Saint Leo University is proud to present the Nursing Housing Award, designed to support new and continuing undergraduate students enrolled in our Pre-Nursing and bachelor's degree in nursing (BSN) programs. As part of our commitment to cultivating compassionate and skilled healthcare professionals, this award provides financial assistance toward on-campus housing, allowing students to focus on their studies and become part of our vibrant campus community. 


Qualification Criteria and Intended Recipients  

The Nursing Housing Award is exclusively for university campus undergraduate students enrolled in our Pre-Nursing and BSN programs. To qualify, students must be fully admitted into their respective programs and maintain full-time enrollment (12 credit hours or more) each semester.  


Award Benefits and Details 

Eligible students will receive a housing-specific award of up to $7,680.00 for the academic year. Students must be enrolled full-time (12 or more credit hours) each semester and be fully admitted into the Pre-Nursing and BSN degree programs. Students must meet the Pre-Nursing admission requirements for the first two years and BSN school admission requirements for the last two years of the program. Students may renew the award annually for their program, up to a maximum of four years, provided they continue to meet all eligibility criteria. Space is limited.  


Maintaining Eligibility Requirements 

To retain the Nursing Housing Award, students must: 

  • Meet all academic performance requirements and maintain good standing in their program from attendance, student conduct, residence life, etc. 

  • Fulfill all student financial obligations to the University 

  • Remain enrolled in the Pre-Nursing and BSN degree programs to maintain eligibility 

  • Enroll full-time each semester (12 or more credit hours) 

  • Maintain continuous enrollment for each academic year (Fall and Spring) 

  • Be in good standing with the Satisfactory Academic Progress Standard as dictated by the policy. Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy 

  • Carry a 19-meal plan, regardless of housing type (meal plan exemptions must be approved by the Meal Plan Exemptions Committee or be because of an Accessibility accommodation) 


Application Process and Deadlines 

Students interested in applying for the Nursing Housing Award should first complete their application, then, upon acceptance, submit their admissions deposit and housing application by June 1st. 

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Secure Your Future in Healthcare with the Nursing Housing Award 

By pursuing a nursing degree at Saint Leo University and taking advantage of the Nursing Housing Award, you're investing in your future career as a healthcare professional. Apply today and become a vital member of our compassionate, skilled, and dedicated community of nursing students. 


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