War of any kind, no matter how close or far from home, is unsettling. It causes fear in the hearts and minds of people caught between the crossfire, or watching from the sidelines. It also changes lives.

As a Benedictine Catholic university, I find it troubling to read about the developments unfolding in Eastern Europe between Russia and Ukraine because it pushes against our core values of community and respect. We are all citizens of the world, and advocating and fighting for peace is part of our responsibility.

I am also especially thinking about our students who are from the region or may have relatives and loved ones living there today. I can only imagine how they may be feeling right now and pray for their well-being and safety.

Saint Leo University is a global institution, and the events taking place in our world have an effect on us more than we know. As this situation continues, I encourage our community to pray for the safety of all those affected and for a quick and peaceful resolution.

May God bless all those impacted.