Dear international students,

From its beginnings, Saint Leo University has endeavored to bring together people from all parts of the world and unite them through a common love for learning and our Benedictine core values. That is why I find myself disappointed by the recent directive that threatens to disrupt your stay in the United States should the need arise to switch to pursuing your degree through an online program.

Universities like Saint Leo have become hubs for new ideas and innovation because of the vibrant and diverse communities that exist within them. The best ideas happen when you can bring together people who come from different backgrounds and who have diverse life experiences. Rarely is a flame sparked without the friction of differing opinions.

To our international students, I want you to know that I fully support your dreams and career aspirations and will rally our university community and advocate to our government leaders against this directive. Saint Leo University is a diverse, inclusive, and vibrant learning community because of you, and I cannot imagine it any other way. You have become great friends, teammates, and learners to so many in our community, and our lives have been enriched and made better because you are here.

The university's Center for Global Engagement is carefully reviewing the guidance that has recently been issued and is working diligently with our Student and Exchange Visitor Program representative to determine how this new guidance will impact our international students at Saint Leo. Please continue to monitor your Saint Leo email as more information will be shared with you directly by the Center for Global Engagement.


Jeffrey Senese, Ph.D.