Saint Leo University has reimagined its three major academic units, and each is now called a college rather than a school: the College of Arts and Sciences, the College of Education and Social Services, and the Donald R. Tapia College of Business.

The change to the use of college reflects the plurality of subject areas taught within each of Saint Leo's academic divisions, as well as the current prominence of graduate degree programs among the mix of new offerings from Saint Leo. Also, the term "school" is more typically used to describe an academic unit devoted to a single field of study. Consequently, university leaders decided it was time to shift to the more comprehensive term "colleges" to keep pace with the broadening array of programs offered and contemplated in the future.

There are new names on the faculty roster as well. The College of Arts and Sciences has made two appointments.

  • Chantelle MacPhee, PhD, is an associate professor of English and also the new chair of Language Studies and the Arts, the department that includes English, foreign languages, music, theatre, and visual arts. Students enrolled online and at education centers, as well as at University Campus, take courses from this department.
  • Patrick Sheridan, PhD, is associate professor of chemistry, which is part of Mathematics and Science. 

Both work from University Campus, where classes are now underway.