Episode Summary:

In this episode of the Saint Leo 360 podcast, we discuss the Saint Leo University ROTC program. Our guest is Capt. Wesley Champlin, an assistant professor of military science who oversees the program for Saint Leo students. During the conversation, Champlin talked about:

  • His military background and highlights from his military career
  • How he got into teaching students in the ROTC program and what drew him to come to Saint Leo University
  • A brief history of Saint Leo’s connection to the military
  • Who is eligible to participate in the Saint Leo University ROTC program
  • The characteristics of students who make a good fit for this program
  • The partnership Saint Leo University has with the University of South Florida for this ROTC program and how the program is facilitated on both the Saint Leo and USF campuses
  • The tracks in the program (Army, Air Force, and Navy)
  • Types of courses, training, and activities offered in the program
  • The benefits of this ROTC program for all students, regardless of their future goals
  • How the program can lead to a military career and post-ROTC program requirements to become enlisted in a specific branch
  • The overall benefits of serving in the military
  • How students can learn more about the Saint Leo University ROTC program

Learn More:

Saint Leo University ROTC Program

Visit the Saint Leo University ROTC webpage to learn more about the Program.

Contact Capt. Wesley Champlin

To contact Capt. Wesley Champlin directly, he can be reached by phone at (352) 588-8685 or by email at Wesley.champlin@saintleo.edu.