Episode Summary:

In this episode of the Saint Leo 360 podcast, we feature a recording from a recent information session on the Saint Leo DBA program. The discussion features information on the program from Dr. Dale Mancini, director of this doctoral program, along with testimonials from current students and alumni of the program. They covered:

  • The benefits of earning a doctoral degree and how a terminal degree can greatly benefit graduates in the job market
  • Why the Saint Leo DBA program stands out
  • Admission requirements for those interested in applying
  • When students can start the Saint Leo DBA program at certain times throughout the year
  • Examples of courses and topics covered in the program
  • How supportive the faculty members are who teach in the program
  • Success stories from current students enrolled in the program and alumni who have completed it

Learn More about the Saint Leo DBA Program:

Check out the Saint Leo DBA program page to learn more about this unique doctorate program offered by Saint Leo University.

Have additional questions about this program? Contact Dr. Dale Mancini, director of the Saint Leo DBA program, at (352) 588-7199 or at dale.mancini@saintleo.edu.