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INFOGRAPHIC: Breaking Down the 6 Types of Learning

Check out this infographic on the six biggest types of learning. Which type best describes you as a college student?

An infographic titled ‘6 TYPES OF LEARNING’ describing visual, auditory, kinesthetic, social, solitary, and verbal learning styles; the text says ‘Visual: Like to learn hands-on? Need to draw things out? You're probably a visual learner. Concept maps, symbols, and color coding are your best bet. Auditory: If you need someone to tell you things out loud, chances are you're probably an auditory learner. You might tend to notice things like changes in pitch or tone. Kinesthetic: You're most likely a kinesthetic learner if you prefer to be physically involved. Kinesthetic learners only make up about 5% of the population. Social: If you're good at communicating with people, this is most likely your style. People might come to you for advice. You're aware of their moods and emotions. Verbal: Do words and writing help you learn? You probably know endless definitions of words and learn new ones frequently. You may also enjoy rhymes and tongue twisters. Solitary: Do you like to work alone? This style means preferring private and independent learning. Authors and researchers are commonly this style learner.’The above infographic provides information on six different types of learning. These include visual, auditory, kinesthetic, social, solitary, and verbal. Each type has data indicating its characteristics to help you, as a college student, find your best fit. This information can help you learn more about yourself and how you best interpret and comprehend information.

Image credit: This infographic was designed by MacKenzie Ferrell, a communication degree program student and enrollment marketing intern at Saint Leo University.

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