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The ABCs Of Online Learning [Infographic]

Here are some of the fundamentals you need to know about the demands and benefits of online degree programs.


It’s that time of year again. A new school year is beginning, and you know what that means: a new list of supplies to buy for your kids. Pocket folders (with three-prong fasteners). Highlighters (multi-color pack, chisel tip). Binders (1-inch). Loose leaf paper (wide-ruled).

For students in Saint Leo’s online degree programs, it’s also the start of a new term, and fortunately, the supply list is a lot less complicated – textbooks and perhaps more French roast for those early-morning (or late-night) study sessions.

Six start dates a year

One of the great benefits of online degree programs is that with six, eight-week terms every calendar year, you can launch your degree program – or start new courses – any time during the year that is most convenient for you.

If you’re a busy working adult who is thinking about starting – or finally finishing – your college degree and know you need the flexibility of an online program, there’s a lot to consider.

Saint Leo wants to help and we’ve developed a variety of resources to give you the information you need about online learning.

If you’re just looking for the big picture when it comes to the most important benefits – and the demands – of online learning, take a look at our ABCs of Online Learning infographic. It's a lighter look at what to expect.

And then let us know if you’re ready to make the next term the start of your school year at Saint Leo!


 What questions do you have about online learning?

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