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Career Services

    About Career Services

    Our Mission

    Career Services focuses on making career development a priority; we provide students and alumni with a full range of services that allow them to learn, explore and grow during their time at Saint Leo University and beyond. 

    Additionally, we support the mission of Saint Leo by providing leadership and expertise to the University community on career development trends that enable successful student outcomes.

    Our students and alumni are provided a full range of services from self-exploration and decision-making activities to understanding career options, transitioning well into a work environment, and making a significant contribution to the communities they chose to join.

    Our employers are treated like partners as we seek to understand their current and future talent needs and create a variety of ways for them to connect with Saint Leo University students and alumni.

    Our Saint Leo University community is a richly diverse learning community that is driven to create opportunity for individuals through the practical application of knowledge, skills, and abilities. This commitment has direct implications for individuals, families, communities, this nation, and the global community where Saint Leo men and women are found.

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