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CAVE | Tutoring

    CAVE | Tutoring

    Working with a tutor can be an effective means to supplement your understanding of a course. The CAVE offers free tutoring in a variety of subjects for students of all ability levels. No appointment is necessary; simply drop-in, get assistance, and leave when you are done. Please come prepared with specific questions so the tutor can best assist you.

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    By working with a tutor, you can discuss ideas and clarify concepts, review notes and readings, check and confirm your understanding before a test or quiz, get assistance on homework questions, or make sure you're keeping up with the class.  The tutor's goal is to help you become a better student, whether your goal is to raise a B+ to an A or to pass a difficult general education requirement. 

    Tutors CAN:

    • Discuss ideas and clarify concepts.
    • Review notes and readings.
    • Check and confirm your understanding before a test or quiz.
    • Assist with questions to help you complete homework independently.
    • Make sure you are studying properly and using learning strategies that work for you.
    • Point out grammar and punctuation errors and suggest corrections.

    Tutors CANNOT: 

    • Assist with exams or quizzes.
    • Assist with homework assignments. 
    • Explain every aspect of your assigned reading. 
    • Copyedit, or proofread, your paper.

    Please note that tutor sessions are designed to supplement what you are learning in class.  It is the student’s responsibility to attend class, meet with your professor, take notes, read the books/handouts, and study course materials.


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