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Antonio Laverghetta, Ph.D.

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    Antonio Laverghetta, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor

    I have been a full-time faculty member here at Saint Leo University since August 2013. I was born in Tampa, Florida and I currently live with my family in Spring Hill, Florida. I enjoy reading and going to the movies. In particular, I love science fiction films. I enjoy spending time with my family and I am the proud father of three boys. I received my Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of South Florida in 2002. I am member of several professional societies including Southeastern Psychological Association and the Florida Academy of Sciences. I teach many different psychology courses including History of Psychology, Physiological Psychology, Psychology of Learning, Sensation and Perception, and Senior Seminar. Recently, I have been involved in the creation of our new Master of Science in Psychology online program. I have employed innovative teaching methods in the classroom, notably the Alternate Reality Learning Experience. I also have been actively involved in our online psychology programs in which I have and continue to develop many courses.

    I am currently engaged in a variety of research activities, notably a programmatic series of studies examining college student traits and attitudes including college student stress, student anti-intellectualism, and proneness to boredom, all of which I have several peer reviewed publications. I also have clinical research interests including work with Dr. Christopher Cronin on the development of the Brief Internet Gaming Addiction Scale. All of these activities have involved our students, thus giving them much needed research experience.


    • Doctor of Philosophy University of South Florida

    Courses Taught

    Undergraduate Courses:
    • PSY 161 Introduction to Psychology
    • PSY 110 Applied Psychology
    • PSY 202 Research Methods 1
    • PSY 322 Physiological Psychology
    • PSY 332 Psychology of Aging
    • PSY 344 Psychology: Origins, History, and Systems
    • PSY 433 Sensation and Perception
    • PSY 412 Cognitive Psychology
    • PSY 422 Psychology of Learning
    • PSY 499 Current Issues in Psychology


    Graduate Courses:

    • PSY 555 Physiological Psychology
    • PSY 690 Capstone 1