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Dr. Burgsbee Lee Hobbs, Ph.D.

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    Dr. Burgsbee Lee Hobbs, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor of Literary and Cultural Studies

    Dr. Hobbs has previously taught at the University of Silesia in Sosnowiec, Poland (1994-95), Indiana University of Pennsylvania (2005-07), Seton Hill University (Greensburg, PA: 2007-08), and Saint Francis University (Loretto, PA: 2007). At IUP, his doctoral dissertation focused on Turn-of-the-Millennium American Expatriate Narrative. He joined the faculty of Saint Leo University's School of Arts & Sciences in 2008, chaired the Department of Language Studies and the Arts from 2009-2010, and was tenured/promoted to associate professor in 2013. Primarily a generalist, his expertise is in contemporary North American literature and his teaching/research interests include Critical/Literary Theory, Comparative 20th-Century Transatlantic Literatures, Speculative Fiction, and Irish/Polish/Holocaust/Cultural Studies. He has formerly provided instruction for the university's Faculty Development Training program and is presently servicing courses for the B.A. in English Literary Studies specialization, the University Exploration (UE) general education program, the Saint Leo University Honors program, and Saint Leo WorldWide online. He frequently delivers papers at the annual symposia for several professional organizations, and his scholarly projects have been published in Epiphany, African American National Biography (ed. Henry Louis Gates, Jr.), Sandhill Review, Sense of Wonder: A Century of Science Fiction (Wildside P, 2011), Journal of International Culture, and Florida Studies (Cambridge Scholars P, 2011/2018).


    • Ph.D. English, program in Literature and Criticism, May 2008, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Indiana, PA
    • M.L.A. (Emphasis: Literature), August 2003, Spring Hill College, Mobile, AL
    • B. A. Art, minor English, August 1993, University of South Alabama, Mobile, AL

    Courses Taught

    • ENG 498: Senior Seminar
    • ENG 435: Literary Criticism
    • ENG 428: English Internship
    • ENG 410: Reading the Planet--Comparative Literatures in Translation
    • ENG 400 ST: Reading with Pictures--The Graphic Novel as Literature
    • ENG 400 ST: Studies in Science Fiction
    • ENG 400 ST: End of Days: The Postapocalyptic Imagination
    • ENG 399: Junior Oral Exam (Instructor of Record as Dept. Chair)
    • HON 351: The Contemporary Worldview
    • ENG 346: Literary Conflicts and Conversations
    • ENG 343: Major Writer Seminar--Alan Moore
    • ENG 340 TSLS: Imagining the Holocaust in Literature and Film
    • ENG 340 TSLS: Tattoos in Literature
    • ENG 319: Studies in Speculative Fiction-Superheroes!
    • ENG 318: English Pre-Internship
    • ENG 311: Survey of Major Twentieth-Century Writers
    • ENG 300 ST: Studies in Speculative Fiction (Special Topics Pilot Edition)
    • ENG 300 ST: The Graphic Novel
    • ENG 300 ST: Twentieth-Century Irish Drama
    • HON 250: The Humanistic Tradition
    • ENG 226: [HONORS-only] Survey of World Literature II
    • ENG 225: Survey of World Literature I
    • ENG 220: Introduction to Literary Studies and Research
    • ENG 220CL: On the Proverbial Road: Journeys of Transformation in Narrative
    • ENG 215CL: Monsters and the Monstrous in Literature
    • ENG 210CL: Love and Desire in Literature
    • ENG 122: Academic Writing II
    • ENG 121: [inc. LEAP] Academic Writing I
    • FDT 112: Embedding Critical Thinking
    • HUM 115CL: Film: The Art of Choice
    • HUM 110HM: Television and the American Family, Your Shows, My Shows