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Stephen Okey, Ph.D.

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    Stephen Okey, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor

    Stephen Okey grew up in central Indiana.  He attended Georgetown University for his undergraduate education before heading off to Divinity School at the University of Chicago.  While there, he developed his love for architecture and improv comedy.  Following his graduation, he took a position as an Actuarial Analyst with Aon Re Services, running computer models of natural disasters.  He later returned to graduate work in theology, completing a Ph.D. in Systematic Theology at Boston College, writing a dissertation on the theological anthropology of David Tracy.  He joined the faculty of Saint Leo University in 2013, where he teaches both undergraduate and graduate courses in systematic theology and theological ethics.

    Dr. Okey teaches courses in Christian theology and Christian ethics.  He is particularly interested in questions of political and military ethics, with a focus on the history of Christian approaches to war.  He also enjoys teaching courses to deacon candidates as part of the Theology department’s Master’s degree program.  Professionally, he does research in the interlacing of theology, media, and technology, with a special focus on the way that new forms of media shape human persons and communities.  He is the author of A Theology of Conversation: An Introduction to David Tracy (Liturgical Press Academic, 2018).

    When he is not working, Dr. Okey enjoys cooking, playing trivia, building LEGO, and hiking.  In 2014, he and his wife hiked the Camino de Santiago de Compostella, a 500 mile medieval pilgrimage route through the north of Spain.


    • Bachelor of Arts, Theology and Mathematics, Georgetown University
    • Master of Arts, Theology and Religious Ethics, University of Chicago Divinity School
    • Ph.D., Systematic Theology, Boston College

    Courses Taught

    • REL 110: Emergence of Christianity
    • REL 123: Christian Spiritual Vision
    • REL 210: Many Are Called, but Who is Chosen?
    • REL 215: Who Would Jesus Kill?
    • REL 330: Christian Morality
    • REL 345: Christian Social Justice
    • REL 400: Spirituality of Pilgrimage
    • THY 521: Ethics I: Fundamental Moral Theology
    • THY 522: Ethics II: Catholic Social Teaching
    • THY 565: Ecclesiology
    • THY 575: Christology