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Greek Life

    Greek Life at Saint Leo University

    Greek Life Welcome

    We are excited that you are interested in Greek Life at Saint Leo University. Our community constitutes more than 200 members across 14 chapters, with each growing yearly.

    The Office of Greek Life is committed to creating personal and professional developmental opportunities for all students. Our four values of leadership, scholarship, excellence, and integrity is seen daily in the lives of our members. Joining a sorority or fraternity is about more than social functions. It is about cultivating into a servant leader and finding a family away from home. Greek Life helps members grow as individuals by committing to academic excellence and leadership development.

    On behalf of the Office of Greek Life, we welcome you and look forward to your engagement
    with our community!

    Our Mission

    Greek Life at Saint Leo University strives to cultivate servant leaders into productive citizens through demonstration of academic excellence, inclusive outlooks, and purposeful interactions.

    Greek Life will provide members with the education and tools necessary to practice leadership, scholarship, excellence, integrity, and responsible stewardship in a community of mutual respect that will foster lifelong friendships.

    Our Vision

    Greek Life members will set the standard among all students for leadership, scholarship and campus involvement by fostering community among all members in accordance with the Benedictine Values of Saint Leo University.

    Our Values

    1. Leadership - Serving by example through generosity, initiative, and responsibility.
    2. Scholarship - Continuously pursuing knowledge and sharing that knowledge with the community.
    3. Excellence - Committing to growth and improvement through consistent effort.
    4. Integrity - Prioritizing honesty, accountability, and equity through words and actions.

    Basic Membership Requirements

    1. Saint Leo University participates in deferred Membership Intake and Recruitment. Deferred recruitment allows first-year students the opportunity to fully transition to college successfully & integrate into academic life. Deferred recruitment also allows students to learn about the Greek organizations that are available to them as each organization has its own unique history, traditions, values, philanthropy focus, and requirements for membership.
    2. To qualify for Greek Life at Saint Leo, perspective members must:
      1. Have a minimum of 2.5 Saint Leo University or transferable GPA
      2. Have a minimum of twelve (12) Saint Leo University or transferable credit hours to be eligible for Membership Intake or Recruitment
      3. Enrolled as a undergraduate collegiate in the current Membership Intake or Recruiting semester
      4. Be a second semester student or higher

    Meet Our Staff

    1. Assistant Director of Greek Life and Community Engagement, Brandee Greaves
    2. Graduate Assistant of Greek Life and Community Engagement, 

    Connect with Greek Life!

    Office Of Greek Life and Community Engagement
    Office of Student Activities
    Student Activities Building | 352-588-8662

    | @saintleogreeklife


    Signature Events

    1. Greek Life Welcome Week
    2. Greek Unity Week

    Greek Life Forms

    1. Frequently Asked Questions
    2. General Greek Life Terminology
    3. 2019-2020 Community Grades
    4. 2019-2020 Service Hours
    5. University Hazing Policy

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