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Greek Life | Inter Fraternity Council

    Who Fall Under UGC at Saint Leo University

    Who Falls Under UGC at Saint Leo?

    National Panhellenic Council (NPHC): The governing body of the nine historically African-American fraternities and sororities, also known at the "Divine Nine." For more information, visit https://www.nphchq.org/.

    Multicultural Organizations: Multicultural organizations are culturally based organizations celebrating identities in areas of race, ethnicity, and nationality.  Multicultural Organizations typically fall under MGC (Multicultural Greek Council) or NALFO (National Association of Latino Fraternal Organizations)

    Saint Leo Unified Greek Council (UGC) Recruitment

    Each affiliate organization implements the guidelines and details of its own membership intake process, the lengths of each specific programs vary. The general process includes:

    • Attend informational meetings and the individual organization events
    • Get to know the organization's members and show interest
    • Check organization requirements and apply to the organization
    • Receive an acceptance letter


    1. Attend chapter programs and events.
    2. Attend informational meetings for the organization.
    3. Get to know the members of the organization.
    4. Research information about the organization.
    5. Excel academically and get involved on campus.

    UGC Chapters at Saint Leo University

    Sororities Fraternities
    Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.
    Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority, Inc. Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.
    Latinas Promoviendo Comunidad/ Lambda Pi Chi Sorority, Inc. Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity, Inc. 

    Sigma Gamma Rho

    Nickname: SG Rho
    National Founding: Nov. 12, 1922
    Local Founding: April 20, 2012
    Chapter Designation: Sigma Tau
    Colors: Royal Blue and Gold
    Symbol/Mascot: French Toy Poodle
    Motto: Greater Service, Greater Progress"
    President: Tatiana Hernandez

    Sigma Lambda Gamma

    Nickname: Gammas
    National Founding: April 9, 1990
    Local Founding: Nov. 2nd, 2014
    Chapter Designation: Seismic Sigma Epsilon Chapter
    Colors: Shocking Pink and Majestic Purple
    Symbol/Mascot: Pink Rose and Purple Panther
    Motto: Culture is Pride, Pride is Success
    President: Cassandra Reed

    Latinas Promoviendo Comunidad/Lamda Pi Chi

    Nickname: Pi Chis
    National Founding: April 16, 1988
    Local Founding: Colonized April 16, 2016
    Chapter Designation: Colony
    Colors: Red, Gold, Black and White
    Symbol/Mascot: Butterfly
    Motto: Women of Strength, Women of Character
    President: Brianna Feliciano

    Alpha Phi Alpha

    Nickname: Alphas
    National Founding: December 4, 1906
    Local Founding: November 11, 1989
    Chapter Designation: Rho Xi
    Colors: Black and Old Gold
    Symbol/Mascot: Sphinx
    Motto: 'First of All, Servants of All, We Shall Transcend All
    President: Jarred Pernier

    Kappa Alpha Psi

    Nickname: Kappa's
    National Founding: January 5, 1911
    Local Founding: March 19, 2005
    Colors: Krimson & Kream
    Symbol/Mascot: The Kane
    Motto: "Achievement in Every Field of Human Endeavor"
    President: Marcellus Young

    Sigma Lambda Beta

    Nickname: Betas and/or Lambda Betas
    National Founding: April 4, 1986
    Local Founding: Colonized in 2015
    Chapter Designation: Colony
    Colors: Royal Purple & Pure White
    Symbol/Mascot: Red Carnation
    Motto: "Opportunity for Wisdom, Wisdom for Culture"
    President: Marc Lopez

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