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Information Security


    Data Security

    The practice of methodologies and designed processes that work alongside ethical business practices and  policies to ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability of all forms of data.

    The Information security team relies on the cooperation of all teams within the UTS department and the conscious effort from our community, to continuously monitor our digital environment and re-mediate any potential issues that may have a negative impact on the university's information systems infrastructure. Something as simple as deleting and properly reporting spam plays a huge role mastering a more offensive security approach.

    Safe guarding organizational data and providing the necessary training to end users.  When it comes to the security of an organization, it is important to mention and take note of everyone's responsibility for the overall health and protection of our digital environment and physical environment.

    Spam, malicious software and Spoofing

    Spam are unsolicited emails that may have malicious software attached.Ransomware, bots, virus's and worms are potential malicious software programs that may be attached to spam messages that make their way into our inboxes.  These programs hide in clickable attachments that may appear as legitimate documents or spreadsheets.  Spam emails also have the potential to spoof or mimic your financial institutions or other secured web sites where you may require a username and password for access.  These messages may include instructions to click a link that directs a victim to a spoofed site that resembles the authentic one, in hopes that the victim enters their credentials and grant the malicious person full access to their account or sensitive information.


    Best practices highly suggests taking the time to scan those emails that may appear suspicious by enabling "preview pane" or something equivalent from your mail box provider.  Scan the email and be on the lookout for grammar and spelling mistakes, suspicious links and urgent requests to enter your log in information.  Quick tip, hover the mouse pointer on the link and ensure that the link preview aligns with the actual website from the service provider.  Lastly, when in doubt...toss it out!  Contact your service providers and technical help desk operators directly if you have any questions about your accounts or general inquiries.



    Department of Information Technology (DoIT)

    Phone: (352) 588-8888

    Office Hours:
    8 am - 5 pm EST, Monday - Friday
    Closed Saturday
    Closed Sunday

    Phone Support Hours:
    8 am - 10 pm EST, Monday - Friday
    8 am - 5 pm EST, Saturday
    Closed Sunday