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Placement Exam FAQs

    Placement Exam FAQs

    Important Placement Exam Links

    Saint Leo Placement Exams

    Proctor U (third-party proctoring partner)

    My Saint Leo Portal

    Creating/Resetting portal password:


    ProctorU requires a username and password when I create my account. What password should I use?
    We recommend that you use your SLU portal username (firstname.lastname) and self-created password to prevent forgetting your login information.

    How do I select Saint Leo University in ProctorU when setting up my account?
    When setting up your ProctorU account make sure that under Enrollments you select Saint Leo University.

    I forgot to take my placement exam on my scheduled day.
    The proctor will cancel your appointment. You can reschedule by logging into your ProctorU account or contacting ProctorU via Live Chat or by phone at (855) 772-8678.

    What happens if the proctor informs me that he is filing an “Incident Report”?
    The Incident Report will be provided to Saint Leo University for review. Your Student Success Coach with contact if necessary.

    How can I cancel/reschedule my testing appointment with ProctorU?
    You can reschedule by logging into your ProctorU account or contacting ProctorU via Live Chat or phone at (855) 772-8678.

    I only need to complete one part of the placement exam but in ProctorU the only option is Placement Testing English and Math. What should I do?
    When you schedule your appointment, please select the Placement Testing English and Math option. Once scheduled, email with the date and time that your appointment is scheduled. Once you go in to complete your exam, please inform the proctor which subject you are required to complete.

    Why does ProctorU need me to take a photo when I create my account?
    ProctorU will use your photo and compare it to your Government issued ID when you log in to take your placement exams.

    I am unable to take a picture when setting up my ProctorU account.
    Be sure that your camera is on and connected. If you are still having issues test out your equipment.

    How can I speak with someone from ProctorU?
    You can speak with a ProctorU representative by calling (855) 772-8678 or utilizing the Chat function on the bottom right of the screen once you create or log into your account.

    I am having technical issues with my microphone, speakers and/or web camera. What should I do?
    To test your equipment, click here. We recommend using the Google Chrome browser to complete placement exams.

    I do not have a passport, state or school issued ID card with me. What should I do?
    Email for more information on how to complete placement exams.


    How can I set up My Saint Leo Portal for the first time?
    Go to Once you get there, click on the “Forgot/Reset password? Click herelink located below the sign In button. To confirm your identity, complete the requested information on this page and submit. Log back into the system and use created username and password to get into the portal.

    When I log into the placement exams, it says I am not authorized to access the exam.
    You can get this error message for the following reasons:

    • You have not paid your deposit to the university. You can pay your deposit by contacting your Enrollment Counselor.
    • You have not set up your My Saint Leo account. If you have not, click here to set up your account. If you continue to have issues after setting up your account contact TI3, the university’s technology services, at 352-588-8888 or at
    • You have not been added to the Placement Exam portal. It may take up to 72 hours after paying your deposit to Saint Leo University to have access to Placement Exams.

    I am unable to access D2L with my web browser.
    Safari is not compatible with D2L. Please use Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer.

    Placement Exams

    I do not have the password for the placement exam. How do I get it?
    When you log into ProctorU for your scheduled appointment, the proctor will use remote assistance to enter the password.

    When should I complete Placement Exams?
    You should complete Placement Exams no later than 2 weeks after you pay your deposit to Saint Leo University. Please note that your Student Success Coach will not register you in courses for the upcoming semester until Placement Exams are completed or waived.

    Do I have to take the placement exam if I are a transfer student with an AA degree?
    Students transferring into Saint Leo University with an AA degree are exempt from Placement Exams. Please submit your official transcripts to the Admissions office as soon as possible so that your Success Coach can exempt you from these exams.

    I have not received any information about my placement exams.
    You received an email when you first paid your Saint Leo University deposit that contained information about placement exams. You can also visit the Placement Exam website for step-by-step instructions on how to sign up for these exams.

    Do I have to take placement exams if I am transferring from another institution or have AP, IB, or Dual Enrollment credits?
    Student Success Coaches review transcripts and test scores to determine if a student’s score waive them from placement exams. Please submit official transcripts and test scores to the Admissions office. You can also send unofficial documents to your Student Success Coach for review until you are able to send in official documents.

    Do you have to take all placement exams the same day?
    Yes. Please set aside up to 2 hours to complete placement exams before scheduling your appointment and logging in to complete them.

    Is there a study guide for the placement exams?
    No. The placement exam website outlines the areas students are tested on here:

    When will I find out my scores from the Placement Exams?
    You will not receive scores from the Placement Exams. Instead, based on your score, you will be placed in one of the following courses:

    • MAT 100, MAT 128/141, or MAT 151/201
    • ENG 110 or 121

    What do Placement Exams determine?
    Placement exams determine which Math and English courses are best suited for the student based on their skills and abilities.

    Can I use a calculator on the math section?
    Yes, however you can answer the questions correctly without a calculator.

    If I am in the Honors Program, do I have to take placement exams?
    No, you are not required to take placement exams.

    Do I have to take the placement exam if I took the ACT and/or the SAT?
    No, by submitting official ACT and/or SAT scores a student will be placed in their classes based on their score:

    MAT 100/131 0 -17 0 - 449
    MAT 128/141 18 - 20 450 - 519
    MAT 151/201 21 -22 520 - 539
    MAT 152 23 -26 540 - 609
    MAT 231 27 610
    ENG 110 - Native Speakers

    ENG 119 - Non-native Speakers
    0 - 18 0 -509
    ENG 121 19 510

    If I am an International student, do I have to take the placement exams?
    Students in the International Bridge Program are only required to complete the Math Placement Exam. You will receive an email from Iona Sarieva, Bridge Program Director, with test date information. If you are not in the International Bridge Program, you are required to complete both Placement Exams.

    I do not have Internet Access. How can I complete my placement exams?
    Please contact your Student Success Coach or email

    I missed the deadline to complete my placement exam. Can I still take the exams?
    Please contact your Student Success Coach or email

    Am I able to take Placement Exams again?
    Unfortunately, you can only complete Placement Exams once.

    I am unable to access Placement Exams with my web browser.
    Safari is not compatible with D2L. Please use Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer.

    What type of Government issued ID can I use?
    A state issued identification card or license or a United States Passport.

    Online Placement Exams

    How do I complete Placement Exams online?
    For step-by-step instructions on how to access placement exams including how to schedule an appointment with ProctorU, our third-party proctoring partner, please visit

    What type of Government issued ID can I use?
    A state issued identification card or license, a United States Passport or a school issued ID card are acceptable forms of identification.

    What if I do not have my ID on test day?
    Unfortunately, you will not be able to take the placement exams without your government issued ID.

    Do I have to have a calculator to answer the math questions?
    No. You can answer the questions without a calculator.

    Why do I need to have a mirror on test day?
    Students taking placement exams online need to have a mirror with them so the proctor can see your testing environment. If you do not have a mirror, you will have to reschedule your placement exams.

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