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Placement Exam Exemptions

    In some cases, students may be exempt from one or both parts of Placement Exams.  Below are some of these instances.

    • Students in the Honors Program. Students accepted into the Honors Program are not required to complete Placement Exams.
    • International students in the Bridge program. International Bridge students will complete the math sections of the Placement Exam during their first semester at Saint Leo University. You will receive more information from Dr. Iona Sarieva, Director of the Bridge Program.International students that are not in the Bridge program are required to complete placement exams.
    • Transfer students with credits from other institutions. Students transferring to Saint Leo University must submit official transcripts from previous institutions to the Admissions office.  Your Student Success Coach will review your transcripts and determine if you need to take placement exams.  Your success coach or the program office for your College will contact you regarding your need to complete Placement Exams.
    • Incoming First Time In College (FTIC) students with certain scores/grades in AP, IB and dual enrollment classes.
      • FTIC students that receive a 3 or higher on English or math AP exams similar to courses tested on the Placement Exam will be exempt from one or both parts of the exam.
      • IB diploma holders that receive at least a 4 on English A, Math Methods, Math Studies, or Mathematics will be exempt from one or both parts of the exam.
      • FTIC students that take dual enrollment courses and receive at least a C or better in courses similar to those tested on the Placement Exam will be exempt from one or both parts of the exam.
    • Students with Cambridge AICE Exam Credits. Saint Leo University accepts credits for passing scores of A, B, C, D or E on the British AS-Level or A-Level courses. No credit is offered for Ordinary Level courses. 
    • Students that complete College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) testing. Saint Leo University will review CLEP scores and determine if a student is exempt from Placement Exams.

    If you have any questions about placement exam exemptions, please contact a Student Success Coach.

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