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Placement Exam Information

    Math Placement Exam

    You will be taking a Math Placement Exam designed to measure your knowledge of basic and intermediate algebra. Your results will be used to determine which math course is best for your first semester at Saint Leo University.

    This exam is an hour and 5 minutes long  and consists of two sections. Basic four (4) function calculators are permitted for the mathematics placement exam.

    English Placement Exam

    You will be taking an English Placement Exam that will test your knowledge of grammar and punctuation and your ability to think critically and communicate effectively.  Your results will determine which English course is best for your first semester at Saint Leo University.

    This exam is 55 minutes long and consists of two sections.


    Course Placement for English

    Saint Leo requires two sequenced composition courses, English 121 and English 122, as part of the University Explorations (general education) program. However, occasionally incoming students need a bit more preparation in order to succeed in English 121. Your results will either place you in English 002, a course that covers the basic skills related to grammar, punctuation, and sentence and paragraph structure but does not count toward University Explorations requirements; or English 121, which reviews these skills and goes on to study various types of essays. If you are placed in English 002 in your first semester, you will then take English 121 in the following semester.

    Course Placement for Math

    All Saint Leo University students are required to take a mathematics class as a University Explorations (general education) requirement. This requirement may vary depending on the student’s major.

    Based on your score, you will be placed in MAT 003, MAT 128/141, or MAT 151/201.

    • Students who need only one mathematics course to fulfill their University Explorations requirement may take MAT 131 or College Mathematics. MAT 131 is a terminal course and will not prepare students for higher mathematics courses.
    • Sequence for all Business Majors: MAT 003 (Basic Algebra), MAT 141 (Finite Mathematics), MAT 201 (Introduction to Statistics)
    • Sequence for all Majors who need MAT 151 (College Algebra) and/or above: MAT 003 (Basic Algebra), MAT 128 (Intermediate Algebra), MAT 151 (College Algebra), MAT 152 (Trigonometry), MAT 231 (Calculus)





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