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Bachelor's Degree in Religious Studies

Why Earn Your Religious Studies Degree at Saint Leo University?

Religion has always held and still holds a critical position in both public and private life, at every time and place having been and still being a large-scale phenomenon of major consequence in the world. Religion not only includes discursive beliefs about the meaning of life, purpose, ultimate reality, the afterlife and other such matters, but also individual and communal identity formation, the ritualized structuring of people’s lives and communities within time and space, and moral principles and ethical directives governing and prescribing human behavior. Religion has always been inextricably bound up with, and strongly influenced by the historical, cultural, sociological, psychological, philosophical, political, educational, literary, artistic, and practically every other aspect of human life and experience. Religion continues to influence billions of people’s daily lives in countless ways and so the understanding of religion is therefore imperative and urgent, and everyone benefits from the study of religion.
The interdisciplinary nature of Religious Studies makes it conducive to pairing with other fields of study, and the B. A. Religious Studies program is designed with double majors in mind. This highly flexible major requires five core Religious Studies courses plus six electives of the student’s choosing, with electives available not only in the Religion department but also in history, philosophy, psychology, sociology, economics, political science, education, medical humanities and healthcare administration, some of which may count toward another major. Students interested in theology may choose their electives from among a variety of Catholic theology course offerings.

The B. A. Religious Studies program is for students with an interest in various aspects of religion and wanting to investigate diverse religious ideas, questions, issues, and problems in an interdisciplinary way. Religious Studies majors are advised to, but not required to, declare a double major or minor. The program’s practical emphasis supplies students with real-world experience for career preparation and success beyond graduation.

Learning Experience:
Est. Time to Complete:
4 years
Credit Hours:
120 hours
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Religious Studies Program Details

The 33-hour major in International Studies is designed to be flexible to meet students’ academic and career interests, to encourage minors and double-majors, and to allow students to study abroad and undertake internships. IST courses rely heavily on experiential learning – such as debates, presentations, and role-playing simulations on topics like drone warfare, refugee policy, and nuclear threats – to turn the classroom into a microcosm of the international community. Students will also take six credits of language study and six credits in Area Studies courses.


Graduates of the B. A. Religious Studies program will be prepared to pursue career paths to becoming educators, counselors, pastors, priests, lawyers, librarians, denominational executives, consultants, activists, lay ecclesial ministers, lobbyists, journalists, authors, editors, community development and program managers, researchers, religion and media experts, social services workers, religious faith formation specialists, marketing associates, field organizers, administrators in religious educational institutions, foreign services workers, policy analysts, public administrators, nonprofit program facilitators, fundraisers, administrative coordinators and humanitarian aid workers, to name a few.

How will you gain real experience?

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  • Internships

    A required internship practicum affords students valuable real-world experience related to their studies and other areas of interest in intersection with religion. Internships with businesses, law firms, consulting groups, media outlets, healthcare providers, the penal system, educational institutions, political organizations, information technology, government agencies, nonprofits, NGOs, churches, schools, religious groups, and service organizations prepare students for entry into the workplace or graduate studies in a variety of fields in the liberal arts.

Learn Your Way: 

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    Students who pursue their degrees at Saint Leo’s main campus near sunny Tampa Bay, Florida, join a community of enthusiastic learners just like them. 

    Religious studies students enjoy plenty of engaging learning opportunities both inside and outside the classroom, as well as exciting departmental events.

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    Learning takes place both in and out of the classroom. Students travel to Europe through our cultural immersion courses, research unique plant species while trekking through the Peruvian Amazon, and attend film screenings and poetry readings. With highly experienced professors who bring a wealth of practical knowledge to the classroom, students are prepared to work in a variety of rewarding fields. The College supports more than 30 degree programs across University Campus, education centers in five states, and online.

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Saint Leo University is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges to award associate, bachelor’s, master’s, specialist, and doctoral degrees.

Additional Information

Religious Studies Program Chair

Dr. Randall Woodard

Office: (352) 588-8239