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Residence FAQs

Are students required to live on campus?
All full-time University Campus students are required to live on campus. Exceptions are allowed for those students living and commuting from home, married students, veterans, non-traditional students, or senior students who have earned more than 90 credit hours. Saint Leo's residence halls are designed for traditional age students no older than 28 years of age. All requests for housing made by students older than 28 are reviewed by the Associate Vice President for Student Services or designee.
What is the cost of housing?
Current rates may be found by visiting Residence Hall and Board Rates.
What if I have a housing request based on medical needs?
Medical rooms are available to students who have documented special medical needs, approved through the Office of Accessibility Services. Their website includes policies and information about reasonable accommodations.
What type of furniture is provided in each room?
Each room is furnished with a desk chair, standard twin bed, dresser, and wardrobe/closet. There is also a micro-fridge and microwave in each room.
What is an RA?
Resident Assistants (RAs) are trained graduate and undergraduate student staff working and living in each residence hall, with the intent of providing support, guidance, and assistance for resident students.
When do the halls open?
Dates for hall opening and closing are listed on the "Forms and Important Dates" page. Students who need to arrive early should be aware that there is an early arrival fee of $50/day. Please contact the Office of Residence Life at (352) 588-8268 for more information on early arrivals.
Do the halls remain open during holidays and breaks?
Halls close for Christmas. During Thanksgiving and Spring Break the halls remain open, while the cafeteria is open only for limited meals. During these times meal plans may not be used. Students must pay for each meal at cost. Questions about meals should be directed to the Office of Dining Services at (352)-588-8361.
Is there a meal plan?
Students in Alumni, Roderick, Henderson, Benoit, Marmion, Snyder, and Apartments 5-6 are only able to choose the unlimited meal plan. Students in Apartments 1-4 may choose the 5, 10, or unlimited meal plan. 
What is the best way to receive mail and packages on campus?
Each student will be assigned a mail box and key for the year. Please inform anyone who is sending you mail and packages of the correct address. With the proper address your mail will arrive FASTER and be distributed efficiently.

All mail/packages being shipped to a student should be addressed as follows:
Student's Name
Saint Leo University
33701 State Road 52
MC _ _ _ _; PO Box 5555
Saint Leo, FL 33574
What should I bring with me?
  • Alarm clock
  • Hygiene items: bathrobe, shower caddy, toiletries, hairdryer
  • Linens (bedsheets/comforter/pillows for twin bed), towels
  • Desk items: lamp, organizers, stationery supplies
  • Food items: plastic containers for dry foods, can opener, plate(s), cup(s), silverware
  • Pictures/posters and fun tack/mounting putty (reusable adhesive — usually blue)
  • Cleaning items (vacuum/swiffer, trash can, Febreze, Windex, paper towels)
  • Laundry basket/bag, laundry detergent, and dryer sheets
  • Clothes hangers, small iron/ironing board, drying rack
  • Small entertainment center (TV, DVD player, stereo)
  • Emergency items (flashlight with battery, first aid kit, mini tool kit)
  • APARTMENTS ONLY: shower curtain, full kitchen supplies
  • Surge protector extension strip (must have surge protection!)
  • Excitement to meet new friends and get involved on campus!
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What appliances/items should I leave AT home?
Students are asked not to bring the following as they are in violation of policy:
  • the following kitchen appliances (exception for apartments with kitchens): hot plates, toaster ovens, George Forman type grills, frying pans
  • grills and/or gas or kerosene containers
  • curtains that are not treated to be flame retardant or made of flame retardant material
  • water beds, lofts, window air conditioning units
  • decorative alcohol container collections
  • multiprong adapters or an extension cords that do not have a built in surge protector (with switch)
  • adhesives that damage walls/wall paint including but not limited to: duct tape, 3MM adhesives, nails, screws, etc.
  • candles or incense
  • halogen lights or multi-lights with plastic light covers
  • pets (fish allowed)
  • weapons and illegal substances of any type
Should I bring my computer and are the rooms wired for computer connections?
Students living in the residence halls have free access to high-speed internet. 
Can I make long distance phone calls from my room?
Residence hall students may receive free local and on campus telephone service featuring voicemail and call forwarding. This service is available through University Technical Services (UTS) at ext. 8888 to have an IP phone placed in their room. This service is available through University Technology Services (UTS), students may call 352-288-8888 to request an IP phone for their residential room.
Am I allowed to have a pet in the residence halls?
Pets, with the exception of tropical fish, are not permitted in the residence halls or in any campus buildings. It also is not permissible to keep pets confined on campus grounds. Fish tanks or aquariums must be limited to a maximum size of 20 gallons.
Am I allowed to have guests in my room?
Any guest who stays overnight is limited to a maximum of three days/nights per semester. Students are responsible for educating their guests regarding residence hall policies and are responsible for the behavior and actions of their guests for the duration of their visit. University officials, at their discretion, may ask any guest to leave at any time.
May I bring a car to campus?
All students may have the privilege of using a motor vehicle (including a motorcycle) on campus provided it is registered with Student Financial Support Center (Saint Edwards Hall) within the first two weeks of the school year, or as soon as the vehicle is brought to the campus.
May I bring a bicycle to campus?
Bicycles may be kept in rooms as long as both roommates agree. Bike racks are also located outside residence halls. All students bringing bicycles to campus must register their bicycle with the Office of Residence Life to receive their free bicycle decal; for more information contact the Office of Residence Life.
Are there facilities for doing my laundry on campus?
Laundry Facilities are available in each Residence Hall (Alumni Hall shares with Roderick) 24 hours a day. Laundry Service is free to all resident students.
How do I place a work order to have a maintenance issue fixed in my room?
You may have your Resident Assistant place in a work order for you or you can call the Office of Residence Life (ext. 8268) who will put in the work order for you. You can also click here to enter the maintenance request yourself.
What if I don't get along with my roommate?
Residents are permitted to change rooms during the official room change period that will occur after the second week of classes each semester. Residents wishing to make a change must complete and submit a Room/mate Request Change to the Office of Residence Life.
How do I select my room and/or my roommate?
This is one of our most frequently asked questions, please click on the links below for the specific information you would like to learn more about: 
Room/Roommate Change Requests
Does the University have procedures in place for hurricane season?
Yes, the University has a detailed hurricane preparedness manual which can be accessed HERE.
Is there cable TV in the residence halls?

Apogee provides Saint Leo University with over 80+ channels (including MTV, FX, NFL, MLB, NHL, FXX, AMC, etc.) through a digital signal connection.  Because of the digital connection all televisions must be able to receive and process a digital signal (typically through a built-in or external QAM tuner).  Digital conversion boxes (or QAM tuners) are not provided or included in the room.  Please be sure to check the specifications of your television to ensure it is able to receive and process a digital signal before you arrive.

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