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2018 Commencement | Johnny Mercer Theater

    Saint Leo University Savannah Center would like to congratulate you on the completion of your program of study. Whether you are finishing your associate’s, bachelor’s or master’s degree, it has been our privilege to assist you on your academic journey.

    As graduation day draws closer, there are a few requirements you must complete to ensure your day goes smoothly.

    Johnny Mercer Theater @ Savannah Civic Center
    301 W. Oglethorpe Avenue, Savannah, GA 31401


     1. Complete the conferral application (instructions here) in eLion and pay the conferral fee ($65.00).
              • This form must be completed to receive your diploma.
              • Candidates for the associate's degree must contact their advisor before filling out the application. 
              • You cannot use financial aid to pay the conferral fee.
              • VA benefits CAN be used toward the fee. 
     2. Complete the commencement application (instructions here) in eForms.
              •  This form must be completed to participate in the graduation ceremony.
     3. Clear all holds.
              •  You cannot receive your diploma or participate in graduation if there are previous holds on your account.
     4. Have at least a 2.0 overall GPA.
     5. Complete coursework by Summer II term.
              •  You can only take two classes/six credits for your last term.

    All of these items MUST be completed and all fees must be processed by April 6, 2018.

    Special Instructions

    Associate's Conferral Applications

    Students who want to participate in graduation as associate's degree candidates must follow these steps:

    1. Meet with your advisor to change your program from bachelor's to associates.
    2. Open the conferral application & verify that the associate's option is available.
    3. Complete your application. 

    Using VA Benefits

    In order to ensure this fee can be certified, students currently using VA benefits must follow these steps:

    1. Submit your application early. To use VA funds, you must submit your conferral application at least one term before you finish your program.
    2. After filling out the conferral application, click the box indicating you would like to use Chap 31 Voc Rehab Funds or Chap 33 Post 9/11 benefits.
    3. After submitting your application, email Danielle Landuyt at This is the only way we will be notified that you want to use these funds.

    If you are not eligible to use VA funds, do not click the box. Non-eligible students who try to use this box will have their conferral applications rejected and may have difficulty participating in graduation.

    Internship & Senior Seminar Schedule

    Business Administration

    • GBA-298: Summer I
    • GBA-398: Summer II
    • GBA-498: Spring I & Summer II

    Criminal Justice

    • CRM-499: Spring I & Summer II

    Health Care Administration

    • HCA-425: Summer I
    • HCA-498Spring I & Summer II

    Human Resources Management

    • HRA-425: Summer I
    • HRA-498: Summer II

    Human Services

    • HUS-423: Spring I
    • HUS-424Spring II
    • HUS-498Spring II


    • PSY-499: Spring I & Summer II
    • PSY-499: Spring I & Summer II

    Honor Societies & Veteran Recognition

    Appropriate academic regalia must be worn to participate in the Commencement ceremony. Unearned faux academic hoods, shawls, or tassels are strictly prohibited. Only Saint Leo earned academic, honor society and veteran’s regalia will be allowed.

    Pi Gamma Mu • International Honor Society

    Pi Gammu Mu is an international honor society that recognizes academic achievement in the social sciences, including criminal justice and psychology.

    Kappa Gamma Pi • Catholic College Graduate Honor Society

    Kappa Gamma Pi is a national honor society for graduates of Catholic colleges. It recognizes academic excellence and a record of campus and community leadership.

    Psi Chi • International Honor Society in Psychology

    Psi Chi is an international honor society that seeks to advance the science of psychology.

    Alpha Phi Sigma • National Honor Society

    Alpha Phi Sigma is a national honor society that recognizes outstanding criminal justice students.

    Americana Cords

    Americana Cords recognize the contributions of veteran and military students. To receive an Americana cord, mark yes on the Commencement Application question asking about your veteran or military status.

    Academic Regalia (Cap & Gown)

    Appropriate academic regalia must be worn to participate in the Commencement ceremony. Unearned faux academic hoods, shawls, or tassels are strictly prohibited. Only Saint Leo earned academic, honor society and veteran’s regalia will be allowed.

    Both Undergraduate and Graduate students must order their own regalia (cap & gown) from Herff-Jones at Caps & Gowns by April 20th, 2018 to ensure on time delivery and avoid extra shipping charges.

      Associate Bachelor Master
    Cap Color Gray Black Black
    Gown Color Gray Black Black
    Tassel Color Black Black* Black
    Hood Color x x Varies by program

    *Bachelor's candidates with an overall GPA of 3.65 or higher wear gold tassels. The graduation coordinator will order and distribute tassels to the qualifying candidates at Awards Night or on the day of commencement.

    Candidates should wear their tassels on the right side prior to their degree being conferred and on the left side afterward. The mortarboard on the cap should be parallel to the ground.

    Appropriate Attire

    • Business casual or business formal should be worn underneath graduation regalia.
    • Neutral shoes are required. Dark pants are strongly encouraged.
    • Only Saint Leo approved regalia may be worn.

    Announcements & Class Rings

    Announcements and class rings can be ordered at

    Awards Night

    The Savannah Center is proud to start a new tradition with our inaugural Awards Night. This event will recognize new honor society inductees , Core Value award winners, honors graduates, and others. Guests will receive invitations in late April 2018 with more information about the time and location.

    Location: TBD

    Light refreshments will be served after the event. 

    Commencement Event Calendar

    Awards Night

    Date: TBD
    Time: TBD
    Location: TBD
    More information: Attendees will receive invitations with further information in late April 2018.

    Mandatory Practice (Graduates & Staff Only)

    Date: Friday, June 8, 2018
    Time: 9:30 am
             Johnny Mercer Theater   |   Savannah Civic Center

              301 West Oglethorpe Avenue
              Savannah, GA, 31401

    • Arrive 15 minutes early.
    • The group picture will be taken before practice. Bring your cap and gown and arrange your clothes, shoes, and hair the way you want it to be seen forever, because there will not be another group picture.
    • If you are late you will not be in the picture.
    • Guests and children are not allowed at practice.
    • Plan to stay until 12:00 PM.

    Commencement Ceremony

    Date: Friday, June 9, 2018
    Time: 10:00 am - Graduates MUST arrive by 9:00 am for check-in.
             Johnny Mercer Theater   |   Savannah Civic Center

              301 West Oglethorpe Avenue
              Savannah, GA, 31401

    Reminders for Guests

    Graduation is a very special time for graduates and their families. Graduation ceremony participants can invite as many guests as they would like. To ensure that this formal occasion reflects the dedication and hard work of our graduates, the university requests that all guests:

    Arrive early and be seated so that the ceremony can begin on time

    • If you require handicapped accessible seating, arrive early. 
    • Guests arriving after 9:45 AM will not be allowed into the arena until the entire graduation processional has entered.

    Dress appropriately for the Occasion


    Be respectful of others

    • Supervise children at all times.
    • Do not bring balloons into the theater.

    Remain at your seats until the end of the ceremony and the graduates have recessed

    Turn off cell phones during the ceremony

    Graduation FAQs

    Q: How do I know if I’m eligible to participate in commencement?
    A: If you complete all of your coursework by Summer 2 term and are academically and financially cleared, you are eligible to participate. See your advisor to confirm your eligibility.

    Q: How do I apply for my associate’s degree?
    A: Please see your advisor to see if you are eligible to apply and to activate the associate’s option.

    Q: How do I know what my GPA will be at the time of graduation?
    A: Graduation GPA will be determined by the end of the Spring 2 term.

    Q: Can I take 3 classes in Summer 2 so I can participate in commencement?
    A: No, taking an overload is not allowed in Summer 2 term.

    Q: Can I participate in graduation if I still have a balance on my account?
    A: All payment agreements must be paid in full and your account balance must be zero for all terms prior to April 6th.

    Q: Who do I contact if I have a financial aid issue or want to schedule a payment?
    A: For financial aid issues, please contact financial aid at 800-240-7658. If you need to make arrangements to pay on your account, please call Student Accounts at 352-588-6600.

    Q: What will I receive at the graduation ceremony?
    A: You will hold the diploma cover and walk across the stage. This is yours to keep.

    Q: When will I receive my diploma?
     A: Degrees are conferred after each term. Diplomas are mailed 3 to 5 weeks from your conferral date, along with one copy of your official transcript, if all financial obligations have been met. The entire process, without any outstanding balances, usually takes 8 to 10 weeks from the end of your last course.

    Q: Will my minor be on my diploma?
    A: No, but it will be on your transcript.

    Q: Will my specialization be on my diploma?
    A: No, but it will be on your transcript.

    Q: Can I decorate my cap?
    A: Yes, but do not decorate or modify your gown.

    Q:Can I wear cords or tassels that are not from Saint Leo University?
    A: Maybe. Please check with the director for approval.

    Venue Information and Accommodations

    The ceremony will be held at the  Johnny Mercer Theater   |   Savannah Civic Center 301 West Oglethorpe Avenue, Savannah, GA, 31401

    To obtain directions , please visit For hotel and accommodation information, please see


    Diplomas are mailed six to eight weeks following the conclusion of each semester. Please visit the Registrar's Office site for complete information.






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