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How to Become a Club

    Interested in Becoming a Club?

    1. The organization has to be University recognized first before the organization can become SGU recognized.
      1. Edson is the one who has to approve whether the organization can become University recognized.
      2. Find the 'New student Organization Proposal and Adviser' form in the forms section of the website or in the resource room
    2. Then the organization has to book a date with the VP of Operations for the Senate body to vote if the organization will become SGU recognized or not.
    3. The club has to present a Powerpoint presentation on why the organization should be SGU recognized and answer any questions asked by the Senate body. The Senate body will then vote and decide whether the organization becomes SGU recognized or not.
    4. Requirements as an SGU Recognized organization
      1. Each organization has to host or co-host one educational and one social event per semester
      2. 25% of each organization should attend the Leadership Workshop and Speaker both in the Fall and Spring
      3. Constitution and Rosters of each organization must be handed in on time to the VP of Operations
    5. All clubs and organizations Presidents should attend the President's Council meeting held once every month of both semesters. 
      1. A COS Report should also be submitted the Sunday before each President's Council meeting.


    New Student Organization Proposal
    How to Write a Constitution
    Organization Registration Form

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