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Student Employment

Saint Leo University offers students the opportunity to work on campus during the academic year. Student employment gives you the hands on ability to learn marketable skills, gain career experience, and develop a network of contacts before you even graduate!

Student Employment is a real job for which you will be paid per the approved pay scale. Having this part time job can help reduce your need for student loans! You may apply for more than one job but you can only be hired for one job.

Students' jobs are funded either by Federal Work Study or by Institutional funding. If you are not awarded Federal Work Study, there are job opportunities available on campus that do not require FWS. These positions are funded by Saint Leo.

Benefits of Student Employment

  • Build Relationships: Meet other students, and network with teachers and administrators while working on campus.
  • Professional Development: Interested in sport business? Get a job as an athletic team manager. Studying biology? Work as a science tutor at the Learning Resource Center.
  • Flexibility: Many supervisors are flexible in setting up a work schedule. You may even be able to work between classes.
  • Better Grades: Studies show that students who work tend to achieve better grades and manage their time more efficiently.

General Terms & Conditions of Student Employment

It is the student’s responsibility to read the Student Employment webpages, paying special attention to the "important dates" section that lists semester start and end dates. Students must be enrolled and actively attending classes to qualify for student employment. Students may only hold one student employment job at a time.

If a student is awarded Federal Work Study, it is that student’s responsibility to keep track of cumulative FWS earnings and to advise the supervisor monthly of the balance. Once the FWS limit for the semester is reached, it is at the discretion of the employer to then transfer the student to their department funding account OR to terminate employment. Gross earnings are monitored through online iPay statements.

The student’s hiring supervisor will be notified via email once a student has completed the hiring process and has been approved to start working. Students are not allowed to start working prior to this approval. Students may work a maximum of 20 hours per week determined by their official class schedule. Work is not allowed during scheduled class time even if class has been canceled. Students must keep accurate time sheets and submit them in a timely manner according to the payroll schedule; otherwise the student will be paid late. Infraction(s) regarding time sheet completion and submission may result in termination of employment.

If a student falsifies any time sheets, they will be terminated immediately and have disciplinary actions brought against them by Saint Leo University.

Students must adhere to the established work schedule. If time off is desired, permission must be sought from the hiring supervisor in advance. If a student is unable to make it to work on a scheduled work day, the hiring supervisor must be notified as far in advance as possible.

Students must adhere to all rules and policies established by the employer, including dress code. Students have an obligation to perform job duties satisfactorily. Employers will evaluate job performance, attendance, work ethics, behavior, and attitude annually. Evaluations can be used as reference for future employers even after graduation from Saint Leo University.

The employer has the right to terminate a student from the job if he/she determines that any of the above expectations are unsatisfactory.

Students are required to give notice to the employer before quitting. If a student switches jobs, their pay rate is subject to change. All positions are paid according to the approved pay scale and may be higher or lower than the current position.

Job List

The Saint Leo Online Application System contains a section for Student Employment.

Search the list for jobs that are of interest to you.

How to Apply

The University Online Application System requires completion of the Student Employment Application plus a Cover Letter and Resume for each position. You are encouraged to contact the department via email or in person to schedule an interview.

Cover Letter and Resume templates are provided as Word documents for you to "Save as" your name, complete the appropriate data and attach when applying for Student Employment.

Be Prepared for the Interview!

Bring your Class Schedule to the interview. It makes a good impression if you provide a schedule of the days and hours you are available to work. You may not work during scheduled class time even if the class is canceled.

Begin Work

All student employees must read and be familiar with the Student Employment Handbook.

Time Sheets are required to accurately record the hours you work each day. Your supervisor will review time sheet protocol with you. It is your responsibility to accurately complete the time sheet and submit to your supervisor per the payroll schedule.

Direct Deposit is required for student employees to receive their pay. Complete the Direct Deposit form to have your earnings deposited into your checking or savings account with any bank in the United States. International students will need to open an account with a local bank.

Jobs that do not Require Federal Work Study

Students’ jobs are funded either by Federal Work Study or by Institutional Funding. If you are not awarded Federal Work Study, there are job opportunities available on campus that does not require the award.

Visit the Student Employment section on the Saint Leo Online Application System to search for job opportunities.

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