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International Undergraduate Admissions Requirements

    International Undergraduate Admissions Requirements

    Country/Qualification Requirement
    Afghanistan Doreyeh Aali or 12th Grade Graduation Certificate (Baccaluria) with 70% or higher
    Albania Deftese Pjekurie (Certificate of Maturity) with 6/10
    Algeria Baccalaureat de ;’Enseignement Secondaire with an over score of 11 or higher. Releve de Notes de l’Examen Final du Baccalaureate (Exam results transcript) must also be submitted.
    Angola Certificado de Habilitacoes Literarias with an average subject score of 12
    Argentina Bachiller with a 6/10
    Armenia Mijnakarg Krfutyan Attestate (Certificate of Complete Secondary Education) OR Hasunutian Vkaiakan (Certificate of Maturity) with 6/10, 3.5/5, or 11/12
    Australia Year 12 with a 50% average or higher
    Austria Reifezeugnis (Maturity Certificate) with a 3.5
    Azerbaijan 3.5 out of 5 or 65/100%, Certificate of General Secondary Education
    Bahrain Tawjahiya Secondary School Certificate with a 50% average
    Bangladesh Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) with a 50% average
    Benin 11 out 20 Baccalauréat de ľ Enseignement Secondair; Secondary Education Baccalaureate
    Bolivia Bachiller with a 45/70 or 4.5/7 average
    Bosnia & Herzegovina 2.5 out 5 Certificate or Diploma of Secondary Education Diploma o Svedočanstvo or Svjedočanstvo
    Botswana Botswana General Certificate of Secondary Education with a 2nd Class, 2nd Division, or C average
    Brazil Brazilian Secondary School Leaving Certificate (Certificado de Ensino Medio) with a 5/10
    Bulgaria 3.5 out of 6 Zrelostno Svidetelstvo; Diploma of Completed Secondary education Zrelostno Svidetelstvo; Diploma za Zavarsheno Sredno Obrazavanie
    Brunei Third class honors (C) or see GCE-O Level
    Cambodia Baccalaureat (Baccalaureate) with 6 or 60%
    Cameroon 11 out of 20 Baccalaureat de l’Eseignement Secondaire OR 5 academic subjects with 2.5 average based on scale for IGCSE / O Level / AS Level / A Level is: 9-8/A*=5, 7/A=4, 6=3.5, 5=3.25, 4/B/C=3, 3-2/D/E=2, 1/F/G=1, U=0. Subjects must include Math, English, Science, a second language and an elective. A 2.5 average based on scale noted below on A Level and/or AS Level if applicable. Must also meet IGCSE/O Level requirements.
    Caribbean Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) with 4 General Proficiency Passes at Grade III or better
    Chile Licencia de Educacion Media (academic) with 4 or higher
    China Upper Middle School Graduation Certificate with a 60% average
    Colombia Titulo de Bachiller with 6
    Congo 11 out of 20 Baccalauréat;Baccalaureate
    Costa Rica Diploma de conclusion de estudios de education diversificada or Bachillerato 7.5/10 or 75/100 
    Cyprus (Greek) 13 out of 20 or 55/100% Apolytirio of Lykeion
    Cyprus (Turkey) 55/100% or 2.5/5  Grading scale effective 2013 and on or 3/5 prior to 2013 Lise Diplomasi
    Denmark 4 out of 12 Bevis for Hojere Forberedelseseksamen or Studentereksamen
    Dominican Republic Bachillerato or Bachillerato en Ciecas y Letras with a 78 percent or 2.5 or higher
    Ecuador Bachiller with a 6/10
    Egypt General Secondary Education Certificate with a 50% average or pass
    El Salvador Bachiller/Bachillerato General with a 6.5/10 or higher
    Ethiopia Ethiopian Higher Education Entrance Examination (EHEEE) with a 50% average (good) or higher
    Fiji Fiji School Leaving Certificate or Form 7 Certificate with a 6 average or higher
    France Baccalaureat General with an overall score of 11 or higher
    Gambia WAEC or NECO (Senior School Certificate) with average of C5
    GCE-O Level Completion with a D or 7 in a minimum of 5 subjects
    GCSE/IGCSE 5 college preparatory subject passes with a grade of D or higher and the two subjects of Mathematics and English are required. If English is not the primary language in the applicant’s country, then the subject of their foreign language will be accepted.
    Germany 3.5 out of 6 or 5 out of 15 Zeugnis der Allgemeinen Hochschulreife/Abitur or (Certificate of Overall Maturity for Higher) or Zeugnis of Fachhochschulreife
    Ghana Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination with D average
    Greece Apolytirio Eniaiou Lykeiou. 6/10 or 60/100 or 12/20
    Guatemala Bachiller en Ciencias y Letras with a 75% average or higher
    Guinea Attestation De Reussite Et Releve De Notes 10/20
    Guinea-Bissau Certificado de Conclusao do Ensino Secundario with a 10/20
    Haiti Baccalaureate or Baccalaureate I or Baccalaureate II with a 58% or higher
    Hong Kong HKCEE (Form 5) - D  or higher in 5 subjects
    HKDSE - Minimum level 1 in 4 academic units 
    India All India Senior Secondary Certificate (CSBE/CISCE) with C2 (6 pass with credit) or higher in 3 academic subjects or 50% (Pass Class)
    Indonesia SMA3 with an average grade of 5 or higher in 4 academic subjects
    International Baccalaureate Completion with an overall of 22 or IB score of 3.5
    Iran Peesh-daneshgahii (High School Diploma) with 12 average
    Iraq Adadiyah (Sixth Form Baccalaureate) with a 60 percent average or higher
    Israel Teudat Bagrut with a 55% average
    Italy 6 out of 10 for academic subjects and a 60/100% for exam results, Diploma, Diploma di Maturita/Diploma di Esame di Stato
    Japan Kotogakko Sotsugyo Shosho (Upper Secondary School Leaving Certificate) with a 3 GPA
    Jordan Tawjihi (Academic) with 60% average
    Kazkhstan Attestat with 3 GPA
    Kenya Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) with a C or 6 average
    Kuwait Shahadat Al-Thanawiya-Al-A’ama (Secondary School Diploma) with a 70% average
    Kyrgyzstan 3.5 out of 5, Attestat
    Laos Baccalaureat II with an overall score of 10
    Lebanon 11 out of 20 or 65/100% Lebanese Baccalaureat
    Libya 70/100% Secondary Education Certificate
    Macau See criteria for China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, or GCE
    Malaysia SPM with C6 or higher
    Mauritius See GCE-O Level
    Mexico Certificado de Bachillerato with 6.0 average
    Mongolia School Leaving Certificate (Gerchilgee) with 2.0 (C) average
    Morocco Baccalaureat with an overall score of 11 or higher. Releve de Notes de l’Examen Final du Baccalaureat (Exam results transcript) must also be submitted.
    Myanmar Basic Education Standard Exam Diploma (Academic & Vocational) with a 3 or 40% average
    Nepal Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) with 50% (Third Division) 
    Netherlands 6 out of 10, HAVO Diploma; Diploma of Senior General Secondary education and VWO Diploma Voorbereidend Wetenschappelijk Onderwijs; Diploma of University Preparatory Education (IERF)
    New Zealand Record of Achievement for NCEA Level 3 – need 3 academic subjects on the level 3 certificate with at least 14 credits in each of the 3 academic subjects at “achieved” or higher. 6/10 or 60/100
    Nigeria General Certificate of Education with a C6 average in 5 academic subjects
    Norway 3 out of 6 Vietnemal fra de Videregaende Skole
    Oman Thanawiya Amma (General Secondary School Certificate) with 65% average
    Pakistan Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) with 50% (3rd or Pass Class) average
    Panama Diploma de Bachiller with a 70% average
    Peru Bachillerato Academic or Certificado de Educacion Secundaria Comun Completa with 12/20
    Philippines High School Diploma with 75 (C) average
    Poland Swiadectwo Dojrzalosci Liceum Profilowanega or Swiadectwo Dojrzalosci Liceum Ogolnoksztalcacego with 3.5 or higher
    Portugal Diploma de Ensino Secundario (Diploma of Secondary Education) with 12 
    Qatar Al-Thanawiya Aama Qatari with a 60% average
    Romania 6 out of 10, Diploma de Baccalaureat (academic)
    Russia Attestat o srednem (polnom) obschem obrazovanii (Certificate of Secondary Education) with a 3.0 GPA 
    Saudi Arabia Shahadat Al-Marhalat Al-Thanawiyyat (General Secondary Education Certificate) with a 65% (Good) average
    Senegal  Baccalaureate with a 11 average or higher
    Singapore GCE-O Level – 5 academic subjects with 7 or lower or GCE-A Level D (pass)
    South Africa Senior Certificate with Matriculation with D average or matriculation endorsement with 50%
    South Korea High School Certificate with a 70% average or 6 rank (Yang)
    Spain 5.5 out of 10 Bachillerato Titulo de Bachiller
    Sri Lanka Sri Lanka A Levels with S grade (Ordinary Pass) in 3 subjects or 45%
    Sweden Avgangsbetyg/Slutbetgy fran Gymnasieskola (Certificate from Upper Secondary School) with “G” grade (Godkand) in five academic subjects
    Swaziland Swaziland Certificate of Secondary Education with 5 academic subject passes with D or higher
    Switzerland Eidgenossisches Maturitat, Maturite federale, Baccalaureat or Maturita federale with a 5/10 or better. Eidgenossisch anerkannte Kantonale Maturitat or Maturite cantonal reconnu par la Confederation with a 4/6 or better. Maturita cantonale riconosciuta dalla Confederazione with 3/5 or better
    Syrian Arab Republic Al-Shahada Al Thanawiyya – Al’Amma (Baccalaureate) with a 55% or better
    Taiwan Senior High School Graduation Certificate with a C (60%) average
    Tanzania Certificate of Secondary Education with minimum E/5 average
    Thailand Matayom 6 with 60% average
    Tunisia Baccalaureat with an overall score of 11 or higher. Releve de Notes de l’Examen Final du Baccalaureat (Exam results transcript) must also be submitted.
    Turkey Lise Diplomasi with a minimum 3 points (orta) or 60% average
    UAE Tawjihiyya (General Secondary Education Certificate) with a 70% average
    Uganda Uganda Certificate of Education with a C (7,8) average
    Ukraine Attestat with Grade 4 or higher on the 12 point scale or Attestat with Grade 3 or higher on the 5 point scale
    United Kingdom See GCE-O Level
    Uruguay Bachillerato Diversificado de Ensenanza Secundaria with a 5.5/12 average or better
    Uzbekistan 3.5 out of 5, O'rta Ma'lumot To'g'risida Shahodatnoma
    Venezuela 11 out of 20, Bachillerato en Ciencias/Humanidades
    Vietnam Bằng Tốt Nghiệp Phổ Thông Trung Học (Diploma of Completion of Secondary School) with a Grade 6 or better
    West African School Certificate Completion with a C6 in minimum of 5 subjects
    Zambia Zambian School Certificate Examination with 6 (Credit) average
    Zimbabwe See GCE-O Level
    This information is a guide only. Saint Leo University reserves the right to change requirements without notice. For countries not listed, please contact
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