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UE Advisory Council

    UE Advisory Council

    The UE Council is the primary advisory body of the Saint Leo University General Education curriculum. The UE Council was charged by the Saint Leo University Administration and advises the Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences. The UE Council works in consultation with the Faculty as well as the Saint Leo University Senate’s Undergraduate Curriculum Committee and the Vice President for Academic Affairs.


    The mission of the UE Council is to improve the Saint Leo University General Education program. In order to do so, the Board of Directors will:

    1. Communicate with the entire Saint Leo University community, including prospective students and parents about the mission, goals and objectives and the value of the UE curriculum,
    2. Assist in improving and maintaining the quality of the UE curriculum and the quality of the teaching and learning experience in all locations and delivery methods,
    3. Review the Saint Leo University Undergraduate Catalog to ensure accurate description of the UE requirements,
    4. Evaluate the extent to which UE courses are helping students meet the UE goals and objectives
    5. Collaborate with Assessment & Institutional Research, Assessment, Research, and Planning Committee and the appropriate academic departments in the ongoing assessment of UE courses, and
    6. Develop and maintain student advising guidelines based on the UE curriculum.


    Voting Members (end of service term)
    Pamela DeCius, (2020; Chair-Elect, 2019: chair, 2017-2018)
    Dr. Patricia Campion, (2019 December)
    Dr. Thomas Ricard (2019; chair)
    Dr. Barbara Caldwell (2020)
    Dr. Rob Lucio (2019)
    Renee Gould (2021, secretary 2018•2019)
    Dr. Timothy Jussaume (2021)
    Dr. Chris Wolfe (2019)

    Non-Voting Members
    Karen Hatfield (Registrar)
    Dr. Heather Parker (Interim Dean of College of Arts and Sciences)
    Dr. Ellen Boylan (Institutional Effectiveness)


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