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University Explorations Program Assessment

    Program Goals and Objectives

    Here are the types of skills and knowledge that University Explorations seeks to develop in our students and that they should be able to understand and demonstrate upon their completion of the program:

    1. Demonstrate critical thinking skills
    2. Demonstrate quantitative skills
    3. Understand how living things and physical systems operate and the relationships among them
    4. Demonstrate knowledge of diverse populations and differing belief systems, values, and norms
    5. Understand issues and events in terms of historical, political, and economic context
    6. Demonstrate appreciation for various forms of creative human expression
    7. Communicate clearly and effectively using multiple types of media: listen attentively/ speak articulately, read critically/write clearly
    8. Understand Catholic and Benedictine-inspired values and traditions

    The University Explorations curriculum provides undergraduate students with an understanding of Saint Leo University’s Benedictine-inspired values and Catholic traditions while focusing on the liberal arts and sciences and introducing undergraduate students to an understanding of the knowledge needed to succeed in college and in lifelong learning. Based on the educational experiences that students have while in the Program, Saint Leo University seeks to graduate students:

    • Who exhibit skills in learning, writing, reading, critical thinking, information and technology literacy, and numerical applications
    • Who exhibit skills in dealing with fundamental human questions regarding the nature of human reality and the ways in which human beings come to know the world and issues of human morality
    • Who have learned to love learning, who understand the importance of the liberal arts as a basis for all learning, who find the curriculum relevant, and who are prepared to become lifelong learners

    UE objectives by course

    Students are expected to gain a set of skills and knowledge from the UE courses they select. Critical thinking, communication, and quantitative skills are acquired across the program, while knowledge is specific to each learning cluster.

    Each course developer selected a set of course objectives that combine skills and knowledge the students are expected to master in the course. Click on the buttons below to access the list of course objectives by skill category and knowledge cluster.

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