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Waiver Exam

    COM 140 Waiver Exam Academic Policy

    The waiver exam may be taken by students to demonstrate sufficient computer applications competency (through previous education or experience) to justify a waiver of the required course, COM140- Basic Computer Skills.

    Only students who are extremely proficient in the content of COM140 should attempt this exam (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Windows /Internet). Students are ineligible to take the wavier exam if they have taken COM140 at Saint Leo, regardless of grade received. The exam is Pass/Fail and you must receive a minimum score of 74% to pass. If you receive a passing score, you are exempt from taking the course. Please note that you will not receive credit for the course and are required to replace the three (3) credits by completing another course at Saint Leo or by using transfer credits. If you receive a score below 74%, you are required to enroll in the course. There is no charge for the test.

    Waiver Testing Information

    The Waiver Exam tests your knowledge of Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint and Windows/Internet. Any student who has not taken COM140 can take the COM140 Waiver Exam. The policy is very clear: students get one and only one attempt to take the test. Should the student fail to log in and take the test during one term, s/he can try again in another term but should s/he log in, try the test, and quit, s/he cannot gain access again.

    Important Note

    Passing this exam does not award credit for COM 140 (University policy prohibits credit by examination). You will take another 3-credit hour course instead to complete your degree program requirements. If you wish, you may take one of the advanced computer classes, for which COM 140 is a prerequisite. A passing grade is a minimum of 74%.

    Waiver Testing Procedure

    • The exam will test your knowledge and experience of MS office 2013.
    • Number of attempts for the waiver exam: 1
    • Minimum passing score: 74
    • Time allotted: 75 minutes
    • Number of Questions: 50
    • The exam must be completed within the designated testing period.
    • Students must request to complete the waiver exam here.
    • Emails are sent to qualified students at the beginning of the testing period with access instructions.
    • Students must requests to enroll in the Waiver during registration periods only.

    COM 140 Waiver form

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