In today's business world, the majority of decision makers count on their CPAs as their most trusted and expert financial professionals.*

Maintaining that reputation for integrity and professionalism means staying on the cutting edge of accounting related trends and issues. And one way to become a better informed professional – or prepare for a future career – is by reading industry-leading blogs.

Here are 15 blogs from professional associations, accounting firms, and experienced CPAs to keep up-to-date on the latest accounting and business news and issues as you pursue your online accounting degree.

1. AICPA Insights
As the official blog for the American Institute of CPAs, this blog features posts from accounting professionals on topics such as career development, accounting education, the CPA exam, diversity, ethics, financial literacy, financial forensics, and personal financial planning. Also check out the AICPA's podcasts.

3. CPA Success
Read this blog if you're interested in becoming a leader in the business world. The blog, run by the Maryland Association of CPAs, discusses topics such as business strategy, professional services, staffing issues, leadership, organizational development, corporate finance, and technology.

4. CPA Technology Blog
This blog, written by CPA Brian Tankersley, covers accounting technology—from cloud and mobile tech to accounting computer software.

5. CPA Trendlines
The tagline for this blog is "actionable intelligence for the tax, accounting, and finance community." Recent posts include marketing your accounting business, improving client acquisition, and time management tips.

6. Deloitte Perspectives
A blog run by the Deloitte audit, financial advisory, tax, and consulting firm, this blog not only covers accounting topics, but also consulting, economics, energy, current affairs, corporate responsibility, leadership, and more. The blog's goal is "to provide a forum to discuss issues that affect the global business community."

7. The Fraud Files
Check out interesting posts on a wide variety of topics, including auditing and regulations, fraud, white collar crime, and even divorce cases that involve hidden income or assets. Tracey Coenen, a CPA and forensic accountant with two decades of experience, writes this blog.

8. International Financial Reports Standards Blog
PricewaterhouseCoopers, a Big Four accounting services firm, publishes this blog. Recent posts feature issues related to financial reporting, assets, and more.

9. Blogs
The Institute of Internal Auditors provides four different blogs on topics important to internal auditors. Among the blogs is the Chambers on the Profession blog, which provides insights on the profession from a 30-year internal auditing veteran, and a blog by Carolyn Saint, which shares current business ideas and how to put them into practice.

10. IRS Newsroom
While this isn't technically a blog, the IRS does post its latest news and event updates on this web page to keep you in the know. It also has links to several different e-newsletters you can sign up to receive so you can stay up-to-date on latest tax law updates, notifications for tax preparers, and more.

11. IRS Watch
Forbes' team of bloggers keeps you up-to-date on Internal Revenue Service (IRS) positions and trends influenced by regulatory changes. The bloggers are tax controversy litigators and taxpayer advocates.

12. KPMG Blogs
This Big Four accounting services firm offers several different blogs, including ones that provide a global view of business and accounting.

13. National Society of Accountants (NSA) Blog
Information here is geared toward mainstream accounting practitioners. Learn about topics such as upcoming conferences and tax forums, marketing your tax business, and managing your accounting business.

14. Virginia Society of Certified Public Accountants
This CPA society posts links to the latest professional business and accounting news of interest to accountants. Items are posted almost daily.

15. Re: The Auditors
With more than 25 years experience working at Big 4 firms, reporter, Francine McKenna uses her specialized news site to track the business of the Big 4. McKenna had more than twenty-five years of experience in consulting and professional services including tenure at two Big 4 firms, both in the US and abroad before becoming a journalist.

*Based on 2014 AICPA data

Image Credit: Lamiquela on Shutterstock